November 10, 2015

Piggy bank using Smuckers Jelly bottle!

Teaching your kid to save money is a great way to introduce them to the value of money.Kids as young as 3 years will be interested if you make it fun.  I usually make my son read the price tags whenever we are in stores.It introduces the sense of the value of money. We also talk about different currencies of the world, their names. As the subscribers of the Little Passports Early Explorer(You can find my review here)  we received World coins theme this month. It was so much fun to learn about coins of different parts of the world.  To add more fun to the what we are already learning, my son and I started collecting various coins and money bills of  United States of America.  As a part of our learning-” The value of Money,” we started a fun project. We made our piggy bank!

Piggy bank using Smuckers Jelly bottle


Here are the simple materials you would need, and you can see how straightforward and quick this is!

All you need is

  • Some USA coin and Bills stickers
  • Used Smuckers Jar(clean and dry)
Piggy bank using Smuckers Jelly bottle
I tried to cover-up the lid with different penny stickers.
Then I just went around the bottle and decorated with more dime and penny and bills stickers.Super Simple!
Piggy bank using Smuckers Jelly bottle
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