November 18, 2015

Update:Vimaneaa Kids @ the Lowe’s free workshop

IMG_3575 IMG_3599

Just in case you want to know how these workshops would be.Here is the update. I took my 6 year old and obviously he had fun! its a pull car!

The project just takes 15-25 mins. You would be helping your kid( if he/she needs help). When registering might mention  the timing as 10:00- 2:00 ..That does not mean the project will take that long. It means you can drop by and do the project anytime between 10:00- 2:00.Keep in mind while supplies last(which usually get over pretty early in the morning).

These are the things he got

An Apron.

A badge

Pull car tool kit and instructions

A hammer

A pair of goggles.

and a Certificate!

All of these are for them to take home and they are free…So next time be sure to take them!





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