December 22, 2015

Books for Early Readers!

Early reading is really important and as a parent of two kids I don’t have any doubts about that.Main points to remember to be successful at developing a reading routine are…

  • Remember You can start reading as early as 4 months!!
  • Have a regular 1-2 minute routine  for “sit and read” time with your kid.
  • Relate to actual things/objects  if you happen to see them around when you are reading the book.
  • Read with excitement, Sing Songs they will love it!
  • Take the books wherever you go!!.Be it Car or in a room ! Wherever your baby goes the book goes!!

These are great set of books to get your little one  started..

GYmboree Early Learning

Gymboree Early-Learning Library (Colors, Numbers, and Shapes)
Numbers Book shows One friendly frog, two chirping birds, three fuzzy bunnies — in this book children can enjoy learning to count. Book has large, easy-to-read English number-words.
Shapes are all around us, and this guide for small children helps them make sense of these forms. From oval balloons to diamond kites, this vibrant book encourages children to identify the figures that comprise their world.
Colors  All the varied hues of the color spectrum are well represented in this lively, educational book. From pink pigs to a white snowman, the rich illustrations in these delightful pages imparts the wonder of color .All books have words or text in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

My First Library of ABCs
This Book case has 18 small Alphabet board books.





First 100 Words
Essential first words and pictures with this bright board book. Fun to Read these out to the little one. Kindle edition



My Little Word Book
This book associates simple first words with beautiful pictures will help build your child’s vocabulary and encourage speaking and reading skills.




Any suggestions for some great books for early readers?! Leave us a comment or send us a mail!


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