December 22, 2015

Books for Level 1-2 Reading(2-5 years)

Reading Points to remember

  • Pick books which have pictures and only 3 words per page.
  • These books don’t have to have a story.The main purpose is to build a reading routine and help your kid to enjoy reading.
  • Get creative! Read each word with a different tone.Make a silly sound.Put out the expression.If the word, for example, is “sad” act sad! “happy” act happy!.Get the little ones interested!
  • One important point is to “point to each word” you are reading.

That said here are some level 1-2 reading books to get started!

For everyone!


Crayola This Is the Moon, or Is It & This Is the Sun, or Is It? (Reading Level 1 Pre-K-K)


For Girls!(will get better with this selection..My daughter is still 10 months..but will soon get there!)Dora in the Deep Sea Dora Helps Diego!

Thomas and Friends!

Stuck in the Mud (Thomas & Friends) kindle version Happy Birthday, Thomas Santa’s Little Engine  , Kindle version

Toy Story!

Friends Forever (Disney/Pixar Toy Story)  , Kindle version


Disney Cars!

Race Around the World (Disney/Pixar Cars 2), Kindle version,

Go, Go, Go! (Disney/Pixar Cars) , Kindle versionCars, trucks, trains, planes, and everything that goes.


Finding Nemo!
Just Keep Swimming : Nemo joins the school swim team, but he is a little worried that his bad little fin will slow him down. When Dory encourages him to just keep swimming, Nemo learns that he can do anything he puts his mind and fin to.

Kindle version



Remember! These might not really be stories!Might just be , a short description of the different types of  stories or movies which your kids might have seen or heard! But these do help little ones to Learn to read!. 

Any great books for Level 1 or Level 2 reading.. ? Leave us your comment or a send us a mail!

Happy Reading!


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