January 20, 2016

December and January Kiwi Crate Subscription Box review

Here is our Kiwi Crate Educational box  review !

Kiwi Crate is very good about, depending on your perspective, either making the kids build their toys, or providing crafts that are fun to play with.  In either case, there is always plenty of opportunity for guided and self-directed exploration.


Below is the Claw we built from our December Subscription box.


Kiwi Crate includes all the supplies you need for two main crafts, plus explore! magazine.  You really need very little from home to do the crafts.  Even a pair of scissors  is sent to you with your  subscription!, often the pieces are pre-cut.  The crate includes self-adhesive items or glue/glue dots if needed for the crafts. IMG_4279

Our January Box Theme was Treasure hunt. Th Box came with  explore! magazine ,each issue of explore! magazine  features a short comic, experiments and puzzles or picture or word find type games.


My son loves to reads the entire explore! magazine before he starts doing his activities.


Other supplies included were  stickers ,color pencils, materials to build a Treasure Chest(Pieces of chest had pre-cut slots so that they assemble easily) and Treasure maps, Several styles of map paper were provided.


Steps were simple and super easy with minimal or no adult supervision required.


Once my son was done with the project we created our own imaginary maps and went on a treasure hunt!


My Son Can’t wait for our his Kiwi Crate February Subscription box!

Just a heads up on cancellation part: I tried to cancel the subscription after our first subscription as I was not sure if my son will enjoy it(He loved it!)..So when I tried to cancel through the website it said the subscription was cancelled only to know that we were charged for next month box..Seriously?I had written them a mail and the customer service got to us after 5-7 days?!!..I asked them to cancel and they did.By then we already received our krate.Since My son loved the boxes so much I had to resubscribe again :).. Just to give you a heads up to beware if you are planning to cancel.

Apart form the customer service part the boxes were really worth every penny!

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