January 19, 2016

Huggies Diaper Rewards Program

If you have a little one at home, you must sign up for the Diaper Rewards Programs for the amazing benefits they have. These programs will give you freebies, prizes & gifts for something you have to do anyways – buying diapers!!. Here is Huggies Rewards  programs that I know of and which I have used to enter the codes found inside the  diaper packs  and did get gift cards and some toys. All by collecting codes !

Huggies Rewards Program – If Huggies is your brand for your little ones, be sure to check for the codes on each pack(will be inside the pack).You can sign up for the Huggies Rewards Program and keep collecting the points. Currently they are offering 50 points if you sign up.

Want to know what the rewards would be? Check out this post where Huggies reward members scored (Giftcards like Amazon,Starbucks,Tjmax…), just by collecting their points!

You can also get extra  points by inviting your friends. Friends will get 50 Rewards Points just for signing up and you’ll get 5 Rewards Points for each friend that joins Huggies Rewards. A limit of 5 invitations per month and total of 75 friends only.


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