My day on a surprise holiday!

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It was a typical Monday morning.Time for school.Late night sleep  made me doze off a little bit more than the usual wake up time.Once I saw the clock with my sleepy eyes I went from a person taking baby steps to a sprinter. I woke up, woke husband and my kid up  hurrying them to wake up. Then I heard a voice “Amma(mom),I am too tired”..I had to tell my son that there is no time and we have to hurry up take bath ,have breakfast and rush to school!This went on for few mins and I had to rush down to make some breakfast and pack the lunch for my son and my husband. Time went by only to know that my son was still sleeping!I started yelling at him,telling him that he will get tardy slip,he will miss school and what not to get him up and running.But kids are kids!Least bothered and total carefree!

Finally he woke up and started playing in his room..and my yelling continued..Finally he gives up and goes into the bathroom! Well that was not the end..It was like fire under my foot and I hear my boy signing ..Seriously?! was my thought.Meanwhile My daughter wakes up and she does not want me to put her down..My husband  gets ready and hurries my son..more of this hustle continues..My boy comes down and starts eating breakfast..I see him sneaking out slowly before finishing his breakfast to get something from his room…You can imagine what reaction would be next!..

Finally he finishes his breakfast with more excuses and slowly puts on his shoes and starts wandering away..I had to remind him that he needs to take his backpack and lunch bag and that he was going to school!Finally they got into the Car..Then came  a question from my husband..Isn’t it a holiday today? It was  MLK day ! 🙂 For a a second all thoughts came through my mind(I could have slept, I could have taken it easy had my coffee, heard the news..what not!) We just moved my son into a new school a few days back and did not have a calendar or any reminder…They left anyways to school as we were not sure…Obviously they have some back..My son was the happiest person! Later he was telling me..”This was the reason I did not hurry up and get ready”…Seriously?! was my obvious reaction.

So now comes the challenge how do I keep him engaged?If he is home first thing he does is Screen time! More and more screen time! Immediately I decided to take the kids out for a walk. Thank god for the great weather outside..we had long walk and super chat!..Kids are never tired to talk..Gosh! I was quizzed on the video games he plays..I did not get a thing right! …..It was really fun! later I asked him to write a note on how he enjoyed the walk…below is the note.. was kinda cute so sharing it!



We came back went out to Starbucks to treat ourselves…Came back home did some of our educational boxes together, had pillow fight…Watched a movie and we called it a day….Thank god I was able to limit the screen time..!


Have you had such fun and surprise day?! Do share with us!



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