Similac StrongMoms Rewards membership – up to $329* in benefits

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Collection of items ranging from a tablet to Similac baby formula

When I had my daughter we had to try different formula as she was throwing up on any formula we gave.Most of the formula we got would just be a waste after a a scoop or so…We always tried to get a smaller box/Tin but there were really no small sized formula packs available.Apart from that the formula packs were and are  really expensive!…..Getting formula from best brands is the best way to try and see which formula works best for your baby.Its great option that some of these best brands out there provide with samples, coupons and rewards.

You can sign up for Similac StrongMoms Rewards Program for FREE and receive Email updates including helpful guides, tips and nutritional information tailored specifically to your baby’s growth.You will receive Free gifts, valuable coupons, and points earned toward unique rewards, all customized for you. Once you register you will receive offers  like  FREE Shutterfly Photo book, FREE infant formula, baby coupons, and more!Once you Join you will be getting a sample box  something similar to what I got(below).


Once you use the coupons you get from the Sample box(which you can use for buying your baby’s formula anytime),you will collect rewards which you can further use to buy a Tub of Formula for Free!



If you need more support during your pregnancy and after you can check their Sisterhood of Motherhood page for more information.

Hope this information will help you new moms and Parents!!



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