March 4, 2016

Goodie bag Idea for a Birthday Party!

Upcoming Birthday Party? Looking for some ideas?! Here are few tips!..Main points to keep in mind while putting a goodie bag together for a birthday party are,

  • Choose age appropriate toys/activities.
  • Make a point that or think a way that any item you put will not be wasted(or unused).Always think whether or not the  kid is going to use any of the items.If the kid is not going to make sure the item is useful for the parents.As an example, instead of a paper bag put the items in a reusable bag or basket which the parent can use!

Here is just one idea…Dollar stores is always my place to go.They have awesome kids activity stuff.Here is a Goodie basket I put together.

  • Very cute small backpack or String bag with color pens.Kids can color their own the backpack!
  • Recycle related activity kit
  • markers with stamps
  • Lighting McQueen puzzle
  • Construction paper
  • Wooden Train puzzle(Just added it to the basket but most appropriate for kids ages 2-3)
  • And an orange basket.(If it’s not useful for kids it will be useful for parents!)



Do you have any ideas? Would love to hear.. Please do share!


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