March 28, 2016

MyGerber For Mom and Baby

My Gerber

If you are expecting a little one You can sign up to MyGerber to get Free Samples, Coupons,expert guidance and helpful tools.Head over here to Sign Up for MyGerber takes you on a guided journey that helps make early childhood nutrition simple and evolves along with you, as you and your child progress through each milestone. It’s packed with tailored content, personalized features, and interactive tools–along with exclusive offers and coupons–delivered both on the site and right to your inbox. Let MyGerber help you nourish your baby right, right from the start.

Expert Guidance
We know your time is precious, so we’ll personalize the nutrition guidance you receive online, in phone consultations and in your inbox to guide you through each milestone.

Helpful Tools
With your MyGerber Toolbox, you can chart your baby’s growth, track feedings, plan nutritious menus, take fun and informative quizzes and more!

Exclusive Savings
When you join MyGerber, you’ll be on our exclusive list to receive Gerber product coupons and offers that are only available to registered moms.
Gerber Formula Sample

Above is the formula sample that I got.Was very useful as I was just transitioning my daughter from soy based formula to Milk based formula.

Note:Initially I did not receive the sample so I contacted the Gerber customer service and I got the formula within a week.So don’t hesitate to send a mail!


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