April 12, 2016

Amazon Children E-books (Kindle device not required)

The Bird Who Loved To MOO! By V. Moua. In the book, you will find that a little Bird learns to Moo and loves to Moo than Tweet..It’s a great way to tell your kids to not be afraid to try something new.This book in a very simple way conveys that its ok to be different and try something different if it gives you joy and brings you happiness.Lovely bedtime story with adorable illustrations!

Peanut’s Mistake  By Pumpkinheads. The story is an about a dog who does not follow rules( the rule is to not to run in the house) and creates a big mess . Carmin stumbles over the mess and ruins her nice dress. But Carmin decides not to scold Peanut.Another heartwarming book which sends a message that we all make mistakes and that we can learn from it(in this case peanut learns by trying its best to clean up the mess ). very nice illustrations which capture the attention of young readers!

Important Note :You don’t need Kindle Device to read kindle E-books?!These kindle e-books can be read  not only on the kindle, but also on your computer with the kindle program, or the kindle app on many different mobile devices.EBooks are a great way to engage your kids when you are going on long journeys.Ebooks with great illustrations and simple stories would definitely keep your kids occupied!

Also, kindle book prices change very frequently, so make sure check the prices before you head to checkout.

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