Chore motivations for kids – cleaning

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Do you wish to get your kids involved in the household chores? But of course they are kids and they would not want to do them, but then again, because they are kids they can be easily distracted. If you put your mind to it, I assure you,you will manage to get them involved. There are some very important things you need to remember if you want everything to go according to plan and get some work done.

Chore Motivations for Kids -cleaning

The most important thing is, of course, to give them chores to do that are appropriate for their age. And depending on their age you should also think of appropriate rewards. Because that is pretty much the most efficient and only way you will get them to do anything – by rewarding them.

It is very important to start training your kids to help you with the household chores, because the younger they are the more easily they will agree to help. Of course with the younger ones it should be more like a game. And you can mainly tell them to do chores that are connected to their own things. Like making their bed, organizing and cleaning their toys, may be simple chores like watering plants, feeding the pet, polishing surfaces.

For the smaller kids a good way to get them to help is to make it a game, also singing, dancing, play-pretend, etc. And for the younger ones it is important to give them specific instructions on how to do the task and only one at a time. And you always have to praise them a little bit, it will make them happy that they have done something good and increase their self-value. BUT NEVER criticise them! It will only discourage them.

Children need to be thought from a young age that they should be helping at home. It will teach them great values, they would be improving themselves over time and will feel that they have something to contribute with. A great way to get them to clean their room, for example, is to make a chart in which you will be appointing them chores for the day.

The younger children can be rewarded with candy. For example, you can get your four-year-old to dust their room, make the bed and organize the toys, and when everything is done, the reward can be a chocolate bar, or an ice cream. Something the kid would want, and does not get every day. They should feel the desire to work and do the chores, if they want to get the candy.

The older children can be even easier. You can give them harder chores – washing the dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen sink, etc. And again you can give them some kind of reward. A new toy, more allowances, cake, something they want, so that it motivates them to clean.

Cleaning chores you can give to your child to do according to Best CleanersLondon Clapham are: ages 2-5 – make the bed, organize toys, collect dirty laundry, polish surfaces, dust, feed the pet, water plants. Ages 6-12 – all of the above, plus washing dishes, cleaning windows, mopping and vacuuming, cleaning sofa upholstery, cleaning kitchen appliances, etc.

And of course, you should be calm, do not get angry, do not sound bossy. Let them have some autonomy and decide how they should fix a certain cleaning problem. If they ask questions, answer them. But the most important thing is to just spend some time with your


This simple and yet important post was written by Kiera Tomlinson, who is a small cleaning business owner, based in London.

-Special Thanks to Kiera from ViMaNeAa! Just wanted to add a footnote to post to mention my experience.I have always believed that kids should be involved in the day to day chores.Growing up we were involved in the household chores and I could say it really has an impact. We started giving our son some simple chores to do.Like cleaning up his toys, putting his plate back into the sink once he is done etc.It took us some time. But it really helped !(Hey, Mom does need some help right?!) These days I just tell him to clean up his toys and the task is taken care without any reminders. It only helps them!! So start involving them! Thanks again Kiera!

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