May 23, 2016

Printable Pages for Kids for the week!

Here are the free printables for the week.Do share your favorite printable page websites! Will be really helpful for the parents!



If you have a First Grader and moving on to 2nd Grade after the summer.This might be a great printable to get them started during the summer.I have a soon to be 2nd grader and will be reviewing this soon.

According to Product details, this is what I see. Do provide your feedback one you review them!Will be useful for other parents and readers.

MASTERING MULTIPLICATION is a print-n-teach pack that is designed to help your kids master their multiplication facts. It begins with each numbers’ (2-16, and their squares) skip count series. Then, using the Skip Count Assessment sheets, your students will systematically apply this knowledge to completing patterns; writing equations for arrays; determining missing factors; building equivalent fractions; and answering word problems.

The {Freebie!} contains the printables for the Number 2 from this first section: Skip Counting Sheet, Skip Count Assessment, and Primary Task Cards.

MASTERING MULTIPLICATION also includes Units of Measure worksheets (you can view these in this download) which introduce your kids to each number’s standard units of measure. On these sheets they will determine conversion answers to basic and more challenging word problems/task cards using their skip counting knowledge.

MASTERING MULTIPLICATION also provides instruction on even and odd numbers, squares, and prime numbers.

It includes 252 TASK CARDS!
96 Primary Task Cards for numbers 2-16 and their squares
18 Skip Counting Sequence Cards to identify and complete the series
24 BASIC Units of Measure Cards–no skip counting, just the basic conversions
66 Units of Measure with Skip Counting Cards
24 Challenge Cards with multiple operations
24 Prime Number Cards

Freebie Bundle for K-12th grades 

Here is another great printables that I found.This looks like a great bundle for not only kids K-12th But also for pre-schoolers!

Freebie Bundle for K-12th grades

Here’s a list of the AMAZING, FUN and ENGAGING resources that you will find in this download and their AWESOME creators!

A is for Apples provides you with a fun and engaging 2D Shape Hunt that is perfect for Pre-K through 1st grades.

A great number tracing set for your Pre-K through Kindergarten aged students comes from Patchimals.

The Fun Factory adds some fun with these Nursery Rhyme themed Rhyming Dominoes for anyone working on rhyming skills.

Help your little learner work on matching letters of the alphabet with the Spring Alphabet Matching game from A Special Kind of Class.

Knowledge Box Central provides some science fun with this Where Do I Live activity for Pre-K and Kindergarten level students.


Educents is a great place where parents, homeschoolers & teachers can access educational products, all in one place. Full curriculum, supplemental educational product, books, science kits and much more! You can download tons of high-quality printables for Free. Some of these might be available for only a few days so make sure to download as soon as possible. Educents offers  great educational items. Check it out and you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Check my previous posts on  Printable Pages Posts  here. All of these printables are free at the time of posting. But this might change. Make sure to check the price before you download.

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