June 10, 2016

Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program

You can Redeem your Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program points for everything from gift cards to coupons to charitable donations(this is the best part!) and Much more! If you are regularly buying any of these  participating Kellogg’s products like Cheezit, Eggo, PopTarts, Morning Star, Pringles, NutriGrain,etc (check for more details to join) you will be able to earn rewards.

kellogg's family Rewards


Steps you have to do

  1. Sign UP for the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program.
  2. Upload receipt or Enter Codes (Added some codes below which are FREE).These codes will be coming up and I will post on Vimaneaa.com as and when they come.
  3. Once you collect your points Redeem points for gift cards.


  1. You can redeem points for your favorite  Gift cards!
  2. You will get special offers like FREE Gifts from Shutterfly and more!
  3. You will get Coupons for the products you regularly buy!
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