How to save on Diapers ! – Never Pay a full Price!

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Parents of  Infants and Toddlers! You need to pay attention to this! Never pay retail price for the diapers! Who wouldn’t agree that diapers are expensive? If we are getting diapers for ch, I am pretty sure we all would love to grab on to that diaper deal!  I sure did learn ways to save on diapers for my daughter, and I must tell you that sometimes I  ended up getting the diapers for free. Want to know how? Here are the different options you have!
How to get Diapers for Cheap - Never Pay a full Price!
TIP #1 Look for deals Amazon: Always! Always look for diaper deals on Amazon.
  • Amazon always has some great diapers deals.Be it Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation or any other brand for that matter.
  • If you are an  Amazon Prime member, you get Free shipping on Diapers.
  • If you are Amazon Family member– (sign up is free with  Amazon Prime Membership.) you save additional  20% on diapers.As an example, if there is a 30% off sale going on Pampers diapers, you get additional 20% off if you are an Amazon Family member that means you get a total of 50% off. Sometimes you have to Subscribe and Save and sometimes its just a one time deal!
  • This is critical if you are buying diapers online on Amazon.Don’t Just  Subscribe and Save. Remember, if you subscribe to an item with discounted price, that discount only applies to your first shipment.  After that, the price goes back to the original price or to whatever the price of the product is at the time of subscription delivery.  If you are only buying because of the discount, make sure to cancel that subscription after you receive your diapers and check back on deals. Remember that you can cancel the subscribe and save item anytime!

How to get Diapers for Cheap - Never Pay a full Price!

TIP #2 Always use coupons if shopping in-stores
If you are shopping diapers in-stores, always make sure to use Baby coupons or Baby Diapers Coupons. You would be surprised to know that you would end up paying $8-$10 less when you use the coupons.! Most or all the stores accept the coupons.These coupons are manufacturer coupons meaning these coupons are released from brands like Pampers and Huggies asking you to use them! These are like a discount so why not use them?
If there are no online diaper deals I always check in-stores and most of the times, you would see deals in-stores. The two stores that I shop often are the CVS and Target.  Of the two CVS is my favorite! Sometimes or most of the times I get the diapers for free or for very very cheap !!
Here is how you can save on diapers in-stores!

How to save diapers at CVS: For more details on shopping and saving at CVS, Check my detailed post on Savings at CVS. Most of the time you would see deals on diapers in CVS pharmacy.  I will show you how much you would save with and without coupons. Pampers and Huggies release coupons anywhere between $1.50 to $3.00. Apart from these coupons CVS has coupons in the stores( Savings at CVS) and also CVS APP-related coupons(Something like $5 off $25 purchase) or they send you $5 coupons or $3 coupons if you sign up for their emails. Apart from these. If you sign up to become CVS panel member you would get somewhere $10-$15 in store credit for completing their surveys! With So much to say let’s take a sample deal and see how much you would save with and without coupons.

Sample Deal: Spend $30 on Pampers Diapers and get back $10 in Extra Care Bucks(This Extra Care Buck is nothing but store credit)”
1 pack of pampers jumbo pack(usually there are 20-25 diapers in a pack) is $12.99. But  when on sale 1 pamper pack let’s say would cost around $8.99(Most of the time this was the price).

Without Coupons:
Get 4 packs of pampers jumbo pack Pay ~$35
Get back $10 in Extra Care Bucks(This Extra Care Bucks is nothing but store credit)
You would Pay $35 but next time purchase you can use this $10 store credit. Usually, this credit is valid for 1 month.

Now, Let’s check the Same deal with Coupons!

With Coupons:
Get 4 packs of pampers jumbo pack would cost ~$35
Use 4 pampers $3.00 coupons. deduct $12, pay $23
Get Back $10 Extra care bucks(store credit), So its like you are paying $13!
If you have other coupons from CVS APP or Email you would pay even less!!!
$13 or less for 100 Diapers is indeed an awesome deal!

How to Save Diapers at Target is another place where you can Save on diapers.Check my previous posting for savings at Target. At Target there are different ways you can save. Target cartwheel offers( check out my previous posting),Store discounts and You can do this through Target subscriptions which you can cancel anytime(My previous posting about Babyganics diapers).


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