Grippies Builders -Best Building Toy For Toddlers

Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

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Yippie to Grippies! GuideCraft Grippies Builders is the coolest toy for toddlers and this is my honest review! Seriously, any toy from Guidecraft that I review I totally get  excited and sometimes I worry if I am overrating and let me tell you that I am not!.When I review products the key points that I take note of are whether or not the kids will have fun and whether or not parents would get some breather when the kids are playing with the toy and most of all whether the price range is apt for the product. Is it worth the price?

With all that is  said, let’s get back to the review of this product Shall we?!Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

My little Cutie getting ready for a hands-on experience!

Grippies Builders by Guidecraft is “fun and educational” toy for toddlers 18 months and older. Grippies Builders are open-ended, magnetic building toys with colorful rods and balls.Toddlers will definitely have amazing fun and you have to trust me when I say parents would equally love it.    I have come to love Guidecraft’s  products. The  quality, finish and most of all the entertainment they provide the kids gets an A plus!
Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

Proudly showing off her builders to her brother!

Product: GuideCraft Grippies Builders 
Age group:  15 months to 3T(Don’t be surprised if a 7-year-old starts playing with it! Yep My 7-year-old did play :))
What’s included: 30 piece set includes over-sized soft plastic rods and balls, with 4 unique soft-touch textures. They are magnetic!(Loved this part)
What’s the Price : 30 Piece set  of Grippies Builders is around $47.99 and 20 Piece set of Grippies Builders is $32.99 on Amazon.
Worth it?:  Totally! It will make a great gift idea for kids ages 15 months to 3 years.


Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

GuideCraft Grippies Builders 30 piece set  comes with  soft plastic rods and balls, with 4 unique soft-touch textures.  Kids will learn the difference between linear and round shapes. Different patterns on the plastic rods help kids to touch and feel different textures. The best part is they are “Magnetic’!

Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

As soon as we opened the box and started playing,we saw the magnetic feature, I must say I was thrilled :). Kids will learn about attraction and repulsion(of course they cannot sense that concept immediately but soon they will).  My daughter got mad  when she could not put two plastic rods together(They repelled) :). We were visiting  my friends on the evening that we received this toy so I wanted to put this to test. My friend was kind enough to let me test this out with her kids!


Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

All the kids loved it!

Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

Kids will learn to build 2D structures and progressively advance to building 3D structures.  Sensory toys are very important for the development of toddler’s fine motor skills. The small movement of  hands and wrists will help improve toddlers fine motor skills.

Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review
Grippies Builders By Guidecraft Review

Builders like these will help kids to not only pick and stack but also plan what action they are going to do with the magnetic plastic rods. Same concept goes for the building blocks and the importance of introducing these to the toddlers!

Check out our Video!


Overall our experience with the toy set has been wonderful. I would recommend it for every toddler. Whether you are planning to buy a new toy for your kid or planning for a birthday gift for a kid you have a better choice now!

Special thanks to wonderful people at Guidecraft for providing us the opportunity to review. All the opinions are honest and my own! 

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