August 3, 2016

Saxon Math Student Workbook Review

Saxon Math Student Workbook

Saxon Math Student workbook is great for kids doing Homeschooling as well as kids going to Public schools. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of parents having a conversation with their elementary school child about mathematics and science. I always believed that kids should spend at least 5 to 15 mins of their time in a day to learn and implement new concepts. We call this “At Home Homework routine” :). We mostly try to apply this rule during holidays and weekends. During the week I just let my son spend required time on his homework from school and then let him carry on with his activities be it playtime or limited screen time(Yes I am very particular about my kids’ screen time!).


Book: Saxon Math WorkBook
Age group:  4 years(Kids entering Kindergarten will get a head start) -12 years
What’s included: Math Worksheets. The first half of the book covers the current grade level and the second half of the book slowly introduces new concepts for the next grade level.
We emphasize a lot on Math. I try to teach him new concepts which usually are not yet discussed in his class so when the ideas are introduced to he is in a revision mode already. By mastering these concepts early, kids dare to take their learning to the next level.

Saxon Math Worksheets Review 2

My son’s school and I believe most schools follow The Saxon Math program. The teacher would go over some math concepts in the class accompanied by some worksheets. They would get similar worksheets for homework so they could revisit the ideas. Kids would spend a few minutes and then they are done. Not only the Saxon Math worksheets are quick to do but also cover different math concepts like(Based on 2nd grader’s sheet)  counting the pennies, addition, subtraction, fractions, graphs and more!

Saxon Math Worksheets Review 3

So when I came to know that these Saxon Math worksheets are also available at Amazon.  I jumped at the opportunity! I never knew that similar worksheets were available! You have to make sure it’s a “Workbook” as there are different Saxon math guides available as well.

Saxon Math Worksheets Review 4

Summer this year in terms of homework routine has been the best. I would give 3 to 4 worksheets which would take 10 mins to 15 mins, and that’s it! Rest of the day my son knows that he is least bothered by his mom! If you have an elementary going kid go ahead and give these worksheets a try!

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