September 19, 2016

Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker Review

Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker


Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker  is an online spelling and Grammar checking application. Grammarly underlines any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and helps you to fix them on the fly. Grammarly can be used anywhere on the web. Whether you are composing a letter in your Gmail , responding to a comment on Facebook, updating your job summary  on LinkedIn or preparing your resume. Grammarly will vet your spelling and grammar. Grammarly  Instantly checks for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes by underlining the errors that you made.

Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker

My website has been my life for the past ten months. Once I saw an ad on TV regarding Grammarly, I thought I should give it a try as I spend most of my days writing!.  I want to make sure my posts are error free especial from silly mistakes. But once I added Grammarly as one of my writing tools I was happy. Grammarly quickly catches even the smallest of mistakes.

Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker
Let me show you an example. I Introduced some errors into my Gmail letter compose to show you Grammarly in action visually. Let’s say I open up my Gmail to write a letter. As I  start typing, the errors would be highlighted immediately.  If you place your cursor on the mistake, you will get a drop down menu which will have the fix.
Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker
If you click on the error, you will see a whole new window open up, and  you could fix all the mistakes at once. You would have suggestions on why a particular sentence might not be right and how you could fix it.
Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker
Grammarly would be useful for kids as well as adults who would be writing papers  online(Who is not? right?).   Grammarly also has apps for Microsoft Office and Windows.  This would be helpful for those who prefer writing on MS Word and other documents.
Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker
I have upgraded myself to the Premium features after using the FREE version for a long time and I love it.  Grammarly Premium version has  more capabilities where it suggests alternative words for repetitive words(as in the above Image) , better sentence suggestions and more. It’s pretty impressive. So far I have been loving Grammarly.  The application is FREE to use!
You could add the Grammarly FREE version for your browser here. If you rather want Grammarly Premium feature  you can do so by following this link.
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    Great JOb.. Keep rocking… I like this tool.. It is really helpful.

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