Canned Critters – Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

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Canned critters are very cuddly plush animals in a can. You might have seen garbanzo beans , organic chili and even soup in a can, but what about stuffed animals?!That’s what you are going to get from Canned Critters. Each canned critter is a 6″ or a 4″ animal. The Canned Critters are not only cute cuddly they are  unique and most importantly educational.  Canned Critters mission is to educate the world’s youth about the splendor and preciousness of  wildlife  with the hope that they would inherent respect and appreciation for our wild wonders.

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

My daughter loves stuffed toys! While her “Brown Teddy” is her absolute favorite, She quickly cuddles any soft toy and organizes them neatly. She sings to her teddy, puts her teddy to sleep and even gives the teddy a bath(yeah! a bath !!!). She got her teddy as a gift from her brother(her first toy ever) for “Raksha Bandhan- A brother-sister festival” and both(Teddy and my daughter)  have been inseparable since then!

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

When I got Canned Critters, I was amazed by the cuteness hid in the can. I have never seen anything like this before. A plush toy inside a can?! They make a very cute gift, but you need to be careful when opening, though!  For the 4 inches can Critter we had a tab to open the can but for the 6 inches Canned Critter I had to use a can opener. Also, make a note that the sealed can with a stuffed animal inside must be opened with adult supervision. My kids were enthralled with what they found inside when we opened the can.

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

Each can has fascinating facts about the critter canned inside which I felt was educational for the kids. The Husky (A Sledge Pulling dog) for instance is used by the Inuit people in Artic region and adapts remarkably to the harsh living conditions and also the fact that these Huskies were assisting in daily activities like hunting and running greater distance over Tundra.

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

I will be honest; I never knew that “Husky” is called ‘Husky” till I got the canned critter. I always knew it was a sled pulling dog but never knew it had a name to it!

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!


 Each  comes with a 6” plush animal sealed in a can with interesting facts about each animal on the label.

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!



These will make great surprise birthday gifts. You could even use them as birthday goodies. Out of the box thinking for an “inside the can” gift! Invitations could also be added inside the cans. If you are bored of traditional goodie bags, these will make one fun return gifts!

Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!

We received  6” and 4” mini critters.  6” Husky was very plush and adorable. While the 4” Moose was tiny and cute. There are a variety of canned critters available. Moose, Bat, Beaver, Polar Bear, Racoon just a few  to name. The 6″critters are $11.99, and the minis are $7.99.

Adorable Canned Critters reside here >>>

We loved Husky!  Which one do you like? Let me know!

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Canned Critters - Cuddly Plush Toys In A Can!
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