November 4, 2016

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review

Peelypack Stickers are a fun sticker subscription for kids. Kids love stickers, and the usage and possibilities of stickers are endless. It’s such a fun idea to deliver the stickers monthly. Stickers are one of the three things that my daughter loves. So I had to give Peelypack stickers a try!

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

Peelypack Stickers come with ten sheets of stickers and an activity sheet.

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

The cover of the Peelypack stickers becomes a coloring page(I loved this idea).

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

Each month has a theme. Our pack’s theme was “Up in the Air.”  Superhero stickers, butterflies, balloons, birds, kites and more.

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

What I like about this service is that the package just does not come with stickers alone. It had some useful information about the theme of the month.

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

As mentioned the cover of the stickers become the activity sheet. This will be a good coloring page for kids ages 3+. My daughter loves stickers so she got all the stickers, and her brother got to do the coloring(Do you know coloring reduces stress and increases focus?) activity for her!

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

There are many fun activities you could do with the Peelypack stickers. Below a few That I have tried for my toddler.

#Activity 1 Counting and Identifying the Colors

I used the heart stickers to make her count and also to identify the colors. She loved it.  She was a bit mad because she wanted all the hearts rather stuck on her than the book :).

#Activity 2 Counting Book

I made a was a small activity book for my daughter(20- month old) and used them for counting and identifying colors.

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and GiveawayI picked up few stickers and made a small  1 to 7 counting book. I did this based on the number of stickers that were available. For example, I had only one sun, so I used it for counting 1, and I had two Umbrella’s so I used them for counting 2.

PeelyPack Stickers Subscription Review and Giveaway

#Activity 3: Identify the body parts

My daughter was singing head, shoulders, knees and toes. But she was not able to show her shoulders when I asked her to identify. So this time I stuck the stickers onto her shoulders hands, foot(needless to say she was super happy!). I made her identify the body parts. She started identifying the body parts right after few repetitions.  Interactive learning is perfect for toddlers!

Peelypack Sticker pack will make a great on the got activity as well. We loved the stickers and sure did have a lot of learning and play and indeed tons of fun!

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Now for the PeelyPack Sticker Sticker Subscription discount! Head to PeelyPack Sticker Subscription and use the code  GETANDGIVE and get  10% of 3-month, subscription, 6-month, and 12-moth  subscription. The best part is that  Peelypack donates stickers to children’s hospital on your behalf. This is a great way of giving back!Giveaway


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Thanks to wonderful people at Peelypack for offering this giveaway!

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    These would be such fun for my young nephew. He will be here for the holidays, and we could have fun with the stickers together. Where is the entry form?

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      Thanks so much for letting me know Audrey. I fixed the issue.You should see the form now.

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    My granddaughter loves stickers, she would love these. We have craft time every day, she loves to count them out or match them to something.

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    Hi Vimaneaa 🙂 Thankyou for hosting this lovely giveaway. By the way the googly eye trick or treat bowl you made was so adorable. Found it on your instagram. Happy holidays.

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    How cool, I love stickers! My daughter would definitely have a blast with these! 🙂

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    These look cute! Thanks for the giveaway! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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    This looks really awesome! Thanks for the giveaway and review!

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    These would be nice for my little one, thanks for the chance.

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    I would love this for my nephew! He would really enjoy it!

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    How fun! My nieces would love it! 🙂

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