SmartGames – Meeting of the Minds

SmartGames - Meeting of the Minds

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SmartGames, puzzles, well !!  are very smart! Super fun exercises for the brain. Kids will utilize skills ranging from spatial insight to pattern recognition, needless to say; they help in improving memory and problem-solving.

SmartGames - Meeting of the Minds

Our SmartGames package came with IQ XOXO, Busy Bugs, and Ghost Hunters games.  The SmartGame set had many challenges.  You can replay each game over and over again. Challenges divided into 4 or 5 levels of difficulty. You start with the easiest challenge and gradually, the challenges get more and more difficult so that they stay interesting and fun.

SmartGames - Meeting of the Minds

Ghost Hunters

Is a super fun puzzle where you catch the ghosts in the light! Kids have to light up all of the ghosts in each challenge by placing all the flashlight puzzle pieces correctly. With 60 challenges, it’s a scary good time for players young and old!  The Ghost Hunters activity game board can be used as storage case and comes with  six transparent puzzle pieces, 30 challenge cards with 60 challenges, and  one booklet with game rules and solutions.

SmartGames - Meeting of the Minds


Players are challenged to fill the grid with 10 colorful, double-sided pentomino pieces, leaving X’s and O’s in sequence.  It features 120 challenges and a compact travel case; IQ XOXO had 1 compact game board ,10 colorful puzzle pieces, 1 booklet with 120 challenges and solutions.

Busy Bugs

Busy Bugs is another engaging activity. Super fun for the curious little minds. Kids ages 3+ would love this.  More like a hide and seek activity where the kids need to discover the hideouts of the busy bugs! The game had a  flip-book format with magnetic pieces and  48 challenges. The age range specified was 7-years but kids ages 4+ would love it.

The flip book had  4 Puzzles and 4 magnets. All the challenges are inside the flip book! Which I thought was super cool. Everything in one place and the best part is it’s super straightforward and organized! Don’t we parents love things which are simple?!

For example, if you see challenge one where you have to see only 5 ants. You need to place the magnetic puzzles in such a way that only the 5 ants remain  visible.

Kids had super fun trying to solve the puzzles at the party. Gosh! “Super Fun” had become such repetitive word in this post! What to do it was indeed engaging and fun!(yikes! here we go again!)

They are very engaging and mind benders even for adults.

We used SmartGames as our on-the-go activity for our recent road trip, and my son was very much engaged. We had to jump in to solve some of the tough challenges, and I must say as you get to the intermediate and expert levels the challenges are super challenging!

Overall, Smart games offered endless brain-teasing fun! The games help in improving logical thinking skills of the kids. All the activities came in a very compact format and it’s a great travel game for kids and adults!!!. Smart Games gets a big thumb’s up from us!

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