The Adventures Of Midge and Moo Letter to Santa

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The Adventures Of Midge and Moo - Letter to Santa
The Adventures of Midge and Moo are series of books by author and illustrator  Kerry McQuaide.  The book ” The Adventures of Midge and Moo – Letter to Santa,” has delectable few pages that are going to bring smiles to your faces and going to pull you into the Christmas spirit.The Adventures Of Midge and Moo - Letter to Santa

The Book is about series of letters to Santa by little Midge which she starts writing in early December and how these letters keep changing over the days leading to December 25th The Christmas Day.The Adventures Of Midge and Moo - Letter to Santa

Midge begins by requesting Santa to give her a long hair and a castle for her best buddy Moo. When Midge realizes, they are hard to get she requests for a dragon instead. A good dragon she meant. As the days keep changing so do her letters.  It’s so funny when in one of the letters to Santa Midge asks if dad and mom are in the “nice” list :). The book reflects practical insights that happen during the Christmas time.

The Adventures Of Midge and Moo - Letter to Santa

My son started his Christmas wish list or letters to Santa sometime in October, and they have been changing ever since. He would have a conversation with his cousin, and the list would change the next moment, or he would watch a movie, and you would see a new toy add to his letter, or he would read a book and the list would have changed completely, and a new letter and list would emerge. I would be surprised and at the same time feel smitten when he tells me what he wants for next Christmas :). If you notice, kid’s innocence sometimes give you warmth and happiness.

Kerry brings in realistic situations in life to life by adding in laughter and fun. They are straightforward and heartfelt books!! Easy to read to any age of the child with simple illustrations. This book is a must not be missed.

Some of the  Adventures of Midge and Moo series books from Kerry McQuaide are free on Amazon so be sure to download them and you can also print the coloring pages from her website.

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