Bye Bye Shoe Lace – Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces

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Our son is growing up fast and so is his shoe size. For his foot size, we are not able to find shoes without laces. He knows a bit about lacing but is very impatient as they come off very often.

Bye Bye Shoe Lace - Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces


But most of the time we have seen him choose a Velcro shoe over the shoe with laces.  Every time we would go out we would end up bargaining between the Velcro and the laced shoes.  Lacing had become a never ending problem and honestly I did not think there would be any solution. My boy did learn to lace but when a 7-year-old is playing actively all day I am pretty sure he would not want to worry about fixing his lace(yes he is lazy!).Bye Bye Shoe Lace - Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces

My husband is very meticulous about footwear. He intends to avoid any future injuries related to the foot, so he always goes with branded shoes, even if they are bit expensive. So recently we gave Hickies Elastic No Tie Shoelaces a try. Hickies Elastic No Tie Shoelaces are super easy to install. It only took us few minutes to take out the laces and put the Hickies no-tie shoelaces. Guess what, now both Dad and the son duo are happy!. Dad because his son is wearing quality shoes and son because he does not have to wear the lace!

Bye Bye Shoe Lace - Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces

They are simple elastic strands with a loop to look the two ends. My son had been using Hickies Elastic No Tie  for a week now, and I had been checking with him regularly on whether or not they are comfortable and the answer was affirmative. At one point one of the Hickies  had come out, and he was able to fix it by himself. If you are facing a similar problem like we did, you should give this a try.

I would doubt if they would be durable for a longer time( like more than five months), but you could always keep a spare just in case. I have read few reviews on Amazon that they are not easy to install, but I have not had any problem.

Have you used? Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces? What’s your take?

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Bye Bye Shoe Lace - Hickies Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces

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