Christmas Cube: Teach Christmas Vocabulary To Your Toddler

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Christmas is soon approaching. I wanted to teach my toddler about Christmas. I wanted her to learn Christmas vocabulary. Teaching some important words like the Christmas tree, presents, Santa, elf and all the fun elements that make the Christmas a happy and warm festival through creative ways is so much fun! I want her to know that the tree in our house is a Christmas tree and most importantly the boxes under the tree are called the Christmas presents!! So I thought the best way to teach is to show her some printables and add more fun by sticking those printables to a box so she could carry the box, roll, and sit on it.Whatever fun she could get and still learn right?!  She is getting having fun and mom is happy that she is learning something!

So I turned a cardboard box into a fun cube with People and object that make Christmas. I called this a Christmas cube!! Let’s see how you could make it. It’s so simple you don’t even need any steps!

Below are the steps and materials required,


  • Elmer’s glue stick( We cannot survive without Elmer’s glue!!:))
  • Cardboard Box
  • White paper
  • Christmas Printables


Take a Cardboard box. I used the one that I got recently. Most or all the boxes from Amazon are boxed. So there are pretty good chances that you would already have these cardboard boxes. You could use any sized box.


Take a white paper and cover the box. I used a white paper roll to cover the box. You could completely skip this step and directly got to step 3.


Print some Christmas printables and cut the characters or objects out. Take some stick on Elmer’s glue and attach the cutouts to the box. Vola. You are done it that simple.This is the only step which is a bit time consuming but is entirely worth it.

Ways to use it:

You can show the cube to your toddler and tell them about each object and make them repeat. You could also ask them to flip it throw it. Ask your toddler show you where the Christmas tree is and then ask them to sit on it! They will have super fun. You could make a cube like this to teach any words! Just not Christmas! Have fun!!

My daughter had so much fun and best of all now she knows about an Elf, Bauble, Christmas tree, and a Snowman! You could even use this project to teach different words.

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