Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!

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Volcanic Eruption experiment is a straightforward and amusing experiment for kids of any ages. So when you are venturing into science experiments with your children be sure to start with volcanoes as it generates curiosity as well as interest in science.  Moreover, it’s super simple to make. All you need is baking soda, vinegar, and food color(optional).

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!

We are huge fans of science experiments. Before we do any experiments, we do a lot of reading and also add some drawings. Instead of diving directly into the experiments, we read about Volcanoes. We had this simple yet very informative book about volcanoes Kingfisher Readers L3: Volcanoes. You should most certainly plan to grab this book if you want your kids to learn about volcanoes. You can read more about it and also our  Magic School Science experiments here.

 To personalize our experience with science, we started an effort to mix science and art. Art provides visual stimulation and  leaves a profound impression on kids. Rather than just reading something they are going to get hands on by drawing , painting and experiencing the process.  Visual pictures tend to capture a young brain and also become long-term memory objects which a child will remember even after he/she grows up.

There is no right or wrong in art. All you need is teeny weeny bit effort. Below is one way of doing it. I am sure you would come up with something awesome by doing it your way. Please do share with us once you do! Would love to share with my lovely readers!

Below are the steps and materials required,



Take a Canvas board.You could choose any size. For our project, we had used 9×5(approx) inch Canvas. If the canvas is not available, you could just use  Canvas Paper or any thick paper as a matter of fact.Now take your paint brush and dip in a little bit of water and brush your canvas, top to bottom. Let it dry. It takes less than a minute.

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!


Then take some Grumbacher Academy  Paint  of different colors. We used red, orange, black , white and green. You could place a tad of each on the aluminum foil  or the painting tray so that you could mix up the colors. Also, add in some Liquitex Resin Sand and Liquitex Professional Glass Beads. You could do without them. They just add texture to your painting. If you have some colored sand you could sure that or you could use any household coarse grains!!! There is not limit to what you could use when it comes to art!

 Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!


Now with a pencil draw a model of a volcano and it needs to be very light.

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!

We took a picture from Kingfisher Readers L3: Volcanoes to draw an outline of our volcano and also used it as our reference model.

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!

Once you draw an outline start filling in the colors.

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!


Mix black and white to make a gray color and dab in the gray mix. Use some Elmer’s glue and stick the gray cotton to form a smoke at the top of the volcano.

Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!



Once the coloring is complete. Spread some Elmer’s glue and you could sprinkle the green colored sand  to give the sense of trees, plants and bushes.

That’s it! you are done! If you have similar art and science projects do share with us!!

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Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!

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