Klutz Kids craft Kits – Perfect indoor activities for kids!

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It’s raining heavily here, with no chance to go out to play! We try to run outdoors even if the sun peaks out even for a second. But lately, the weather is not being kind to us :(! If it’s not raining the cold is keeping us indoors. Can anything stop us from having fun? The answer is, of course, a No! But there is still a problem ūüôā You might be guessing what it would be! Well, the problem is the weather is making mommy opt for less hustle! Mommy, which is me wants to stay warm and cozy and not do much setup for play. So I decided it would be craft time and I would go with something which has everything included, and all I have to do is just sit on the couch and have some fun with kids!

Thankfully we had these craft kits from klutz! All I had to do was to sit on the couch rack up that heater and start making these fun and adorable crafts! We used different, all included Klutz craft kits, making only one or two crafts out of each box. These craft kits kept kids engaged and interested!

First up we made our mini erasers! Yes, you read that right our mini erasers which work!!  We made a burger, a pizza, and some teddy bears(ok that was a good effort by my older one :))!

With KLUTZ Make Your Mini Erasers you can sculpt your very own creations with eraser clay, and then bake them in the oven to make adorable, slightly squishy erasers that work. Fun for kids! We loved doing the different shapes a burger, a pizza, some teddy bears, and animals.  The only complaint I might have is the clay included in the package is too small, but you can easily get more eraser clay from craft stores, or you could check here on Amazon! The kit also included 1 pencil, clay shaping tool, paper crafts to hold the erasers you make, including a tray of sushi, a box of french fries, and a shoebox for your sneakers. Best part, the kit had a craft book with tons of ideas.

After working on few erasers, we moved on to making klutz’s¬†My Clay Critters! Another fun craft set with everything included.¬†All my daughter wanted was a teddy bear! And all the big brother was doing was to fulfill her¬†wish!¬†I had to steer them towards other fun critters that were included¬†in the craft book like Octopus, goldfish and more. The craft kit had come with parts of the critters like eyes, fins for fish, tentacles for octopus!

Our last craft was Smash Bot Battle. It was a bit of a challenge for my 7-year-old and I. We made smash bots 3-D papercraft robots that zoom on pullback motors. The craft being all paper, it was tough to get the glue to hold and the arms and such to stay on.This art requires some patience which my 7- year old does not have :). Each paper craft robot we punched out of the book had to be glued in certain parts for it to hold. My son was the bit clumsy when making the first bot. He needed my assistance. The kit also included 2 pull-back motor chassis, 30 papercraft buildings, 2 ramps, 3 air bridges, glue.  I wanted a craft like this for my son. One reason being robots are fun for kids, and another main reason is the need for focus and patience. He built another bot which did not turn out great, but he did not take my assistance. The third robot he built came out well then we had fun playing the Smash Bot Battle!

With the weather being either cold, snowy, or rainy around the country, these will make great indoor activities! Get yours The Klutz crafts on Amazon!

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