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Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

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Ozobot is a tiny programmable robot that is a great STEM-based learning gadget for kids.  A small, color sensing robot that takes any kids imagination for a ride!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot
Take a look at my detailed review Ozobot A Tiny Programmable Robot that Teaches STEM and you would know how a creative and learning gadget it is! If you knew about Ozobot or read my review, you would know that it works on color coding. You create tracks and add in some color coded patterns on the tracks and see the fun and cool stuff it does. Let’s  say a color pattern like red–blue-green means “turbo fast” so the Ozobot senses this code and functions accordingly!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

Now kids could place the codes that come with the starter robot pack, or they could make their version of codes with an upgraded version where they can use OzoBlockly a web based app. Ozoblocky is powered by Google’s Blockly, a visual programming platform. Kids can drag and drop commands into a workspace and come up with their games,  patterns, and paths. I am going to upgrade it for my son. Certainly, after I came to know about this super young entrepreneur  9-year-old Holden who found and created fun sticker codes which you can use to play with Ozobot!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

The stickers in the image were created by Holden! How cool is that?!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

Kids just need to draw the tracks, place the sticker codes and just have some fun!  Understanding that a child created these stickers will help kids believe that they could create and invent something wonderful and that Sky is the limit!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

Once I told my son that these sticker codes from were created by a 9-year-old he started paying more attention and his very first words were.” I think I can do this too”! Kids Motivating kids! Isn’t that amazing?!

Ozoeasy Fun Kid Created Stickers for Ozobot

Ozoeasy stickers came with 3 different set of packs pre-printed sticker codes Speed+ direction and counters+ timers and blank “make your own” stickers set. You need to draw the track and just place the stickers on and play! These stickers are must try! Head over to Amazon to get yours Ozoeasy stickers today!


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