March 20, 2017

Toka Box Review -South Asian Subscription Box For Kids – March

Living and raising kids in a country with its own incredible culture and other rich global cultures is challenging. As a South Asian parent, I am always in search of ways to help my kids learn and understand their traditions and culture. I want to introduce them to the fantastic fun their parents and grandparents experienced when growing up.We do teach our kids in a way by involving them in different activities during the festivals. We make an effort by making different recipes for the occasion and participate in different events throughout the month. as we speak, there are different ways we could try to fulfill the very culture infusing quest. But there are two effective ones. One is through books. The other one is to get kids to do some activity. Hands-on.

How can we make this possible? Well, there is a South Asian Cultural box which precisely delivers that. Toka Box, where “Toka” means child in Sanskrit. The box is curated to have a book by South Asian authors. The books are hand-picked based on a theme or an occasion. Let’s say March is a month of Holi. So kids get books introducing this festival. Other times the books are based on a moral or a fun story.

I feel this is an amazing way to support the South Asian authors who are making an effort to bring kids closer to our culture through the books.The other fun part about the box are the activities that come along with it.When you think of it, what are the main activities we could make to get kids involved? Crafts and the food right?

The Toka box comes with these very two activities. One where you could make kids do an art/craft/DIY  and the other one is cooking.! It’s such an amazing idea to get kids involved in cooking!  Kids can do more than the baking. Toka box just created that opportunity for us! So ours was March subscription box. March is a month of Holi! So we got a Holi themed box!

It included,

  • A book Dev and Ollie: Color Carnival by Shweta Agarwal
  •  Two activities one for a DIY  Holi Tie Dye Shirt and other a recipe.


The Book Dev and Ollie was a good read. The book is about a kid named Dev whose magical owl friend comes to life in the night and together they tour the imaginary world. The book describes how Dev dislikes messy play in this book( playing with colors) and how he eventually embraces this play.  On one hand the book tells a story, and on the other hand, the book was actually giving young readers a taste of festival of Holi.

Coming to the activity! DIY’s are super fun for kids. Kids love it when they could do something on their own. The activity we did was Tie Dye. My son filled up the dye with water and with a little bit of help on tying the shirt he followed the instructions and dyed his shirt. He was super stoked once the shirt was done. He wore it proudly. He was so happy that he did something.

Toka Box is a great subscription for South Asian kids! Toka Box has two boxes. Toka Junior for Kids ages 3-5 years and Toka Explorer for kids ages 5-8. subscriptions. I highly recommend you to check these out! Overall, we had a very fun experience reading and doing the activities. We cannot wait to explore other activities and books!!

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