Fidget Spinner – The Hottest New Toy – Review

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Fidget spinner is the hottest new toy that is sweeping the nation. This post comes at a time where the fidget spinner fad might have peaked? It’s surprising how quickly some things become so popular. A few months back there was no talk about Fidget spinner anywhere in the media and all I here these days is this new toy. No guesses for where I heard about this. Yes! Totally from my son and his school.

Fidget -a quick, small movement; typically a repeated one is where this fidget spinner gets its name. Fidget spinner is a small gadget made of plastic or metal with a bearing at the core, and it comes in different colors. Fidget spinner does only one thing…”It spins”. I heard someone describe it as  “Minature Lazy Susan.”


The main idea behind the invention of this toy is to increase focus, de-stress, relax the nerves and to control, well, fidgeting. The use of this toy is basically to fill up the gaps or pauses or blanks that your mind needs. While this toy is portrayed to be helping with increasing the focus and attention, it is also very addictive. I 100% confirm this. I used it, and all I wanted to do was to spin it over and over again.

I  have to put this toy to test, and we have to go a long way to go to come to a conclusion whether it helps. It’s too good to be to true that wider problems like ADHD, ADD, etc. would be fixed with such simple solution. Again all this depends on time and testing.

We got this Fidget Spinner from Amazon reasonably priced (can you believe that some Fidget spinners are more than $1000?!) and spun super smooth and super fast.

Fidget Spinners have become so popular that teachers are banning the devices from classrooms, saying they’re too distracting. Not surprisingly we got a similar note from our school. No matter what, with some trendy variations and designs, this toy is going to be around for a  while provided.


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