Little Passports World Coins- Educational and Fun Activity For Kids

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A few years back my dad had an opportunity to rebuild a 300-year-old goddess temple in our village. During the rebuilding process, they have uncovered some ancient coins. While the story itself was fascinating so were the coins. My son was not able to collect the coins, but the whole experience and story were very intriguing for him. He got a chance to touch and feel these coins which eventually ended up at the treasury of the temple.

Certain activities for kids are more educational and fun than one could imagine. These events leave a long lasting impression and will be remembered even after one turns into an adult( like some parents who start talking to their kid, how fun those activities were!). A couple of such activities are the coin collection, stamp collection. I remember how fun it used to be when I used to collect some stamps which were from my country and from around the world. I would request my relatives or friends, visiting us to get the stamps from their country. It used to be such a joy looking at them for the first time. Treasuring them was the best part.

So when I found Little Passports World Coin Collection, I was more than thrilled. I wanted to pass on something similar to my kid.These were some 20 something coins from around the world. These are real coins, like a centavo from Argentina, a kopek from Russia, and a Paise from India. This small collection kit had a handy storage pouch, a magnifying glass and a 10-page booklet featuring fun coin activities and trivia.

While I loved the fact that the collection kit came with an activity book, I wished it could have been more than ten pages and with some more activities and information. But as a starter kit, this was just right. The book had some fresh ideas and activities for kids to do.

Coin collection is an excellent way to learn geography. Kids will have an opportunity to gather a lot of information like the country of origin, symbols, the year they were made and more.To make the learning more fun and educational, we made a DIY Coin collection book. We took some index cards, an old photo album and some washi tape. On index cards, we wrote down each coins name, country, which continent the country is in, the year it was made, the symbols it had, etc. These were just a few of what we could do. Later on, we explored the stories behind these symbols. Other ideas or activities that could go along would be, coloring the continents, identifying and naming the countries of the world on a detailed world map, etc.

If you want to be more structured in organizing these coins you can do so by getting these below coin collection supplies;

Coin storage page
Coin Flip Assortment – Cardboard

The best part of this whole collection process was the joy on my kid’s face when he collected coins from his grandparents. Some of the coins were from 1800’s treasured by his grandparents.

Incredible curiosity comes into action when we introduce kids to varied activities. We live in places where people are from different countries and continents. I see kids trading Pokemon cards( I am going to get into trouble for this!), instead if we encourage them to collect and trade coins(not dollars :)) and stamps, they will learn much more about the people around them.

My son’s favorite coin from the collection was “Yen”( from Japan). Kids can also do some fun activities like coin rubbing. Pick up few coins place them under the paper and just rub on the paper with a pencil or colored pencil. Kids will find interesting features and details when the pen hits the edges of these coins and transfers the image and the text onto the paper.

We have been huge fans of Little Passports for a long time now. I got my son the Early Explorer Box when he was three years old. We later on added World Edition and Little Passports US Edition Educational boxes. They were all very educational and fun at the same time. I am glad Little Passports has such variations for kids to explore and learn!

You can visit the Little Passports Website to see all fun educational boxes and products they offer!

Do you have any such fun activities or educational boxes for kids? Share with us!

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