July 6, 2017

Highlights Children’s Magazine Review

Subscribing to a Children’s magazine is an excellent way to enhance and nurture a child’s interest in reading. There are some amazing kids’ magazines out there. But so far our favorite is and has been Children’s Highlights Magazine. Books/Magazines like these will help babies and toddlers on the path to a lifelong love of learning. Want to raise an early reader? Read on 13 Best Ways On How to Raise An Early Reader.

We started with High Five Magazine for our son. He was three years then. But for my daughter, we have begun as soon as seven months with Highlight’s Hello Magazine. She just adores her magazine. The moment she notices the cover in the mail, she knows it’s her’s. She quickly sits down in my lap, and we are ready to read!

This Pic is when she was just a few months old!

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Hello magazine” is for kids ages 0-2.  Highlight’s Hello Magazine is loaded with colorful images, read-aloud stories and fun activities parent and child can enjoy together!The Pages we like the most are the “Find it” pages, where we talk about the object’s name and where it’s hidden in the picture. It’s also great exercise for the young ones to find the hidden objects. Activities as such help the young ones to develop cognitive skills. This activity is also a great learning activity as it adds new words to your kid’s vocabulary bank!

Still My small baby but more independent!

The Magazine also has fun Words and rhythms which encourage repetition and language acquisition.  It’s also a Baby-safe design with Rounded corners. Best part it’s washable!

The Stories for toddlers are very relatable, and when you read them aloud, it’s sure going to bring some joy to kids. My toddlers favorite past time when waiting for her brother’s class to get over is reading the Hello Magazine. Has helpful tips provide great support and encouragement for new parents.

Other Subscriptions for the Highlight’s Children’s Magazines are,
Both these publications provide a wide variety of stories, puzzles, crafts, games, and activities each month.
Head over to Highlights.com To get more information about the children’s magazines!
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