July 14, 2017

Keep Your Kid’s Homework Organized Using A Homework Box

Homework has become a part of my kid’s daily routine. I am not talking about the homework that they get from school but, Home Homework! I started this concept for him when he was 2-3 years old and thankfully we are still continuing that routine.Too many ‘homework” mentions. I make his homework fun and interesting. I mix up fun cognitive challenges along with some academic learning. Examples of some of his Home homework can be science experiments, mazes, trivia challenges, printables, worksheets etc!

But, this post is not about homework! But rather a small effort to show you how to organize all of the supplies that the kid needs to complete his/her homework. How can you do it? Using a Homework Box Of course! Homework Box is simple and easy to create. ¬†Depending on your kid’s age or grade add your own creativity!

First up let’s see what you can place inside the Homework Box. Here are the different things you would need. You can vary supplies either by adding or removing some of these supplies/books etc based on your kid’s grade.

Pencils, crayons/markers, glue, scissors, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, eraser, a bunch of papers.

You can add on more like stapler, highlighters etc.

To keep everything together you can buy some fun busy bags(below in orange color) from dollar tree. They are so much fun you can even place a lot of kids activities in some see through busy bags as well. For now, we will stick to the homework stuff!Add in some stickers or rewards. These are always great motivators for young kids!

Depending on age/grade add on some workbooks, flash cards and activities. Got all these cool workbooks on Amazon! Click here if you would like to get some of these workbooks!

You can then place all these in portable scrapbooking cases as below.

Simple Boxes as such lets you to organize and keep track of all your kid’s Home homework/school assignments. I usually have one for each kid. My little one quickly gets her homework box whenever the older one picks one! We usually our assignments at the dining room table!

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