Are you an Entertainer? Special Guest App is Your Destiny

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You are busy; you have to host your son’s or your daughter’s birthday party. You decided that you would do it in a park and last minute you realized, “Oh I need a magician to entertain the kids!” Have you seen their awe-filled faces when they look at the show? Ok getting back to what I was saying.

So, then what do you do? You do a google search, look up local websites, ask your friends. Such a work don’t you think? I see those eyes rolling! On top of all, you are short on time! Don’t you want a place where you could find all these performers on one platform?. A platform where you could just click a button and say “Book”! Sounds interesting right? Suppose, if there is such platform…..I can see some broad smiles there! I know you are excited already.

Well, friends, there is one such app where you could find your magicians, face painting artists, balloon artists, stand up comedians, videographers. photographers, and many more performers/artists whether it’s a birthday party, an office event, any other event you want to host. That App is called Special Guest. If you are an entertainer reading this post, this app is your destiny!.

Special Guest App is a platform for performers to showcase their Talent. It’s also a place for parents, venue owners, or party planners to tap this talent for entertaining their guests!The App was founded by Damon Wayans Jr and Kris Jones. Damon Wayans Jr is well known as a Coach on New Girl or Brad on Happy Endings. Kris is a serial entrepreneur and developer. Kris is also the founder of, French Girls AppAPPEK Mobile Apps.

With Damon Wayans Jr being a fantastic entertainer himself, there is no wonder he came up with this idea! It was super exciting to know how Damon Wayans Jr got his idea. Here is how the story went.

Damon Wayans Jr in his own words “I do a lot of stand-up comedy. I travel around the US entertaining people, and when I’m not doing that, I’m home in LA refining my material. I do a lot of open mics. Open mics are where people who entertain for a living go to practice their material. It’s not just stand-up comedians. There are poets, and there are musicians and what have you. One time I was at this open mic, sitting there waiting my turn. Two comedians go up ahead of me; very funny guys, never heard of them before and they kill it. Then this young lady goes up, she’s a freckle-faced, young, redhead who goes up there with an acoustic guitar. She starts singing her own material and she blows me away. Everybody in there was like, “Wow, why isn’t this girl famous already?” I had goosebumps and I thought to myself that it sucks that so many people who are entertainers will never get the opportunity to be paid for the thing that they love doing the most.”

I found the OpenMic to be quite fascinating. Oh! Talking about the Mic, it reminds me of my personal experiences. My dad was a stage artist. Growing up I have seen him on numerous stage plays. Well, that is not how Mic comes into my story. Did I mention that everyone in my family is an actor by birth?. Sometimes we do more than acting. That’s a whole different story. Well, all we need is a mic and few audience. You would see us going on and on and on! Whether it is on stage or on a bus! Yes, a bus! We went on a trip for 7 days and guess what? The people on the bus had no choice but to listen to us! You might thank yourself that you were not on that bus. But let me tell you that everyone had such fantastic time!. One of the best memories I have. End of the trip everyone was trying to grab the mic to do their piece.

I wish my dad had an app such as Special Guest!. Somehow through his networking, he was able to act in a movie. That brought him such gratification. Indeed for a performer, it’s not about money and it’s all about passion.

Do you know is the mentor for the Special Guest App on Planet of the APPS!!!!!

The way it works:

  • The talents build their profiles, upload bio, pictures, videos; A profile can be connected to Instagram and Twitter account, so people get to see all about the performer.
  • Hosts can communicate with the performer about the kind of event and what the audience expects. And there are rating reviews both for the talents and for the hosts, so it’s streamlined.
  • Special Guest App’s Geo-located feed allows hosts/venues to swipe talent to build a network of connections, and hire on-demand.

No more agents or managers! Your talent is visible to the audience. If you are a host or an entertainer, help yourself by downloading the app! If you know, an entertainer or a host give them a little help too. Ask them to join the Special Guest APP. It helps everyone. The App is now available in the App Store.

What are your thoughts on the App! Do share your thoughts!


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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