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Being a stay at home mom and trying to run a business and a blog is such a challenge. You have to be right on task and also be well prepared. So what you have to do? Come up with a plan. Well, well! Sounds so simple right? But it’s the hardest part. My kids’ vacation had started in December, and I still feel their holiday season is not yet over. I wanted to get so many things done and today finally when they left to school all I was thinking was.I need some “Me time” Imagine me screaming my lungs out!.

Over the holidays I tried my best. But nothing worked. I wanted to wake up before kids could wake up and get some work done. But. It did not happen. If I woke up, the kids would wake up. They would only sleep if I slept. Kids would sleep through till 7:00 AM when they were going to school, but they decided not to do that during the holidays. On top of that, the cold just made me snug under the warm comforter. I thought ok if morning is not working, let me do the work in the night. Guess what; these little monsters would not sleep till I slept. Again!.

Oh well, things are getting better now. But I need a plan and some actionable items to keep me going. There are so many things to do, and I cannot delay any further.

So before I could start, I thought I need to bring in some peace and tranquility to my mind and body, which will give me focus path on what I need to do and will also allow me to rev up my creativity. So I thought, what are the different ways to make myself sane? Below are some of the ideas I came up with:

  • Take long walks
  • Read a book
  • Go for a run
  • Take care of yourself
  • Pamper yourself, take a long warm bath with aromatic and natural salts which will help you relax.
  • Cook some yummy food: Not a surprise that food can make you calm. Prepare some delicious food. Treat yourself. It needs to be simple, colorful and super tasty.
  • Listen to some fantastic podcast. (This reminds me. I have to write a post about a podcast.)
  • Dance!
  • Watch a fun movie: Not for too long ok!.
  • Gratitude notes: We often forget how lucky we are. Our emotions take over and dictate how we should feel and what we should do. They tend to tell us we have not accomplished anything in life. When you write down your gratitude and why and for what you are thankful for, you will realize how far you have come and how far you can go. So take few minutes be thankful!

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I do most of the above except for one. I don’t pamper myself. So this time around I thought well, it’s time to indulge myself! So I looked around and found this excellent site, and I thought I would share it with you. SO WELL -Himalayan Salts  Products!. .SO WELL has products for skin care, bath & body, kitchen and also some salt lamps. Super interesting! Some of the below have become my absolute favorites!

The Himalayan Salt Infused Skin Care Products! Salts are great for treating various skin ailments including dry skin, psoriasis, acne, insect bites, fungus, and blisters. Best part they are safe for adults and kids!

Finally wouldn’t you like to fill up your bathtub with warm water and some aromatic salts and just relax?? 84 mineral infused Himalayan salt natural bath and body care.  Knowing that all these are toxic free and that all natural! I would love to give myself some me time and relax for the day and be ready for tomorrow!

SO WELL, has some products which I would love to try. Himalayan salt for cooking is one of them. I started reading so many articles which point out not to use Iodized salt and started wondering how I would get crystal salt like we used to use back at home. Well, now I found my answer! Himalayan Salt Fine Grind loaded with 84 essential minerals, same found in our bodies, for delicious taste and wellness.

One other interesting product!. Himalayan Sea Salt Caramels. Yummy?! I am pretty sure they would be amazingly delicious. Hopefully, the best Himalayan sea salt caramels you will ever taste! 

What are your favorite relaxing tips?

Me Time with Himalayan Salts


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