Summer Holidays: Encourage Kids To Develop Growth Mindset

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Summer is going to be here before you know it!. It’s a good idea to explore early what you to do for the summer because then you are at the advantage of finding right program or camp for your kid. Research shows that children are at risk of losing more than just academic knowledge during the summer.  I have no doubt that my kids would want to glue to TV or Tab if I let them be home. It’s so hard to get them off the screen time. You say 30 mins they bargain for more and this goes on and eventually, you break into an argument. I don’t want this stress. I want kids to go out explore, learn to create fun stuff and make new friends.

Summer Holidays: Encourage Kids To Develop Growth Mindset

I am a STEAM mom I pay a lot of emphasis on early STEAM/STEM education. I always encourage my kids to create something out of nothing.I am an innovator.I am a risk taker.  I went from just an idea to make it a reality. My son had seen it.  I want my son to experience that joy and thrill of creating something. I want him to develop a mindset that encourages him to keep pushing himself even when the odds are against him. We need to instill within our child creative confidence, a risk-taking mentality and the knowledge that children do indeed have the power to change the world. For this very reason, I am signing up my son for Galileo Camp. You should give it a shot too. Sign up for Camp Galileo or Galileo Summer Quest.

All year long kids are in a mad rush. Actually super mad rush. Their homework, classes, the pressure to excel in school. It’s seriously unsurmountable pressure on kids. As parents, we try our best to make sure they are ahead or on the front lines. But this is only deteriorating their chances of excelling in their life. They are running like horses whose eyes are covered so they are not distracted. They are going to learn that there only one way. If life throws some unknown hardships at them they are sure to succumb. We need kids to learn life skills. No matter what the situation is we want them to stand up for themselves. We want them to think differently and take risks. We need to teach them that failure is fine and that bouncing back quick and fast and learning from failures is the key.

Summer Holidays: Encourage Kids To Develop Growth Mindset

It’s not at all a surprise. We want kids to think out of the box.  We all parents do. But when the school year starts we are back to our routine rat race.  This summer give them a break! Force yourself to think differently. Challenge them with fun and creative play. Ask them to create something. We parents are busy I get it. But we do have options. Most kids go to summer camps. But sending to any camp does not make sense. We need to make an attempt to put them in a camp where they can explore learn and come back to academic year with refreshing mindset.Sending them to innovative summer camp where creativity blossoms is key. I am more than sure that Galileo would be such a camp.


Galileo isn’t your typical summer camp. Their mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. They do this by teaching campers a framework called the Galileo Innovation Approach or the GIA. With this framework, campers learn the steps needed to bring their ideas to life. Campers learn how to see themselves as visionaries, collaborate with others on their ideas, reflect on what is and isn’t working in their design, how to persevere and stay determined, and why being courageous and willing to take risks is important. Campers learn how to celebrate failing as an important part of the process.

At Galileo, they say, “mistakes are marvelous!” Isn’t that awesome!. In addition to infusing fantastic fun, the Galileo camp experience is rooted in design thinking, project-based learning, and STEAM/STEM. We need opportunities for kids where they can develop a growth mindset. Not fixed mindset. I am sure that Galileo makes way for such growth mindset.

Galileo has two programs

For kids pre-K through 5th grade, there’s Camp Galileo where campers take on art, science and outdoor activities tailored to their level. They learn lasting innovation skills like collaboration and reflection and campers craft extraordinary works of art like spinning solar system mobiles, glowing neon signs and magical, multicolor monsters. Campers engineer incredible inventions like rideable scooters, slingshot cars, and animatronic animals—plus spend plenty of time playing, exploring and building their teamwork skills outdoors.
Each week of the four-week program is organized around a different inspiring theme.Here’s what’s happening in 2018:
  • The Incredible Human Body – The Art and Science of Being Human
  • Space Explorers – Cosmic Art and Astronaut Science
  • Road Trip Adventure – Art and Engineering on Route 66
  • Galileo Makers: Materials Challenge – Extraordinary Art and Inventions with Ordinary Supplies
For kids entering 5th grade through 8th grade, there’s Galileo Summer Quest. Each week, campers choose from 11 immersive majors, picking a subject they already love or a new area they’re excited to explore.
Each confidence-building, collaboration-packed week lets campers realize their personal vision of a new inspiring subject. Here’s what’s on offer in 2018:
  • 3-D Modeling & Printing
  • Catapult Builders
  • Chefology: Breakfast Club
  • Chefology: Supreme Sweets
  • Go-Kart Builders
  • Mobile Game Design
  • Mod Design with Minecraft
  • Mystery Room: The Great Escape
  • Robot Pet
  • Virtual Reality
  • YouTube Producers

As working parents, we are constantly challenged to find safe and supervised activities for kids. Days at home will make them, more prone to screen time craving than wanting to explore. Access to high-quality educational activities along with activities that help solve open-ended problems provide problem-solving and collaboration skills through project-based learning will help in expanding children’s critical thinking capability.

Be sure to sign up for Camp Galileo or Galileo Summer Quest and save $30. Enter code INNOVATE18 at checkout. Redeemable for one week of Camp Galileo or Galileo Summer Quest per family only.

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