Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

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Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 is a new children’s picture book, written by award-winning author B.C.R. Fegan and illustrated by Lenny Wen. 

Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32   book packs all exciting kid’s monsters into one book. Kids would love reading the book with little bit curiosity, thrill, fun, and relief! “What is behind door 32?” would be on their mind.
The book Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 is about…well, the door 32. But a magical one! Anything magical and mysterious is sure to get kids right into the book. Two kids step into an enchanting hotel Hoo. Their host is Mr. Nicholas Noo. They are the first human guest ever.  Mr. Noo tells them to explore the hotel but never look behind door 32. Behind each of the doors in the Hotel of Hoo, leading up to Door 32, readers meet and greet a bevy of characters who have taken up residence at the hotel, from ghosts cooking roasts, to paintbrush-wielding elves, tea-drinking monsters, miniature giants, and more.
At door number 2 are the grumpy old clowns who clean. Door number 3 there are the fidgety knights who fix lights. At other doors, there are zombies, purple goblins, some grey-haired Villains and some miniature giants who never grow and mermaids too. They all warn the kids not look behind door 32. Each page in the book builds up curiosity.
I just loved how the author pooled in every character that kids adore and get scared at the same time in one book. The rhyming was excellent and the illustrations in the book informative, funny and adorable. I just loved the expressions on the boy’s face. He is always fearful and trying to take his sister away from all the scary doors.While the girl’s emotions were bold ready to face fear!.She is never afraid!
My son quickly read the book and laughed out loud. He enjoyed reading the book. So it’s most certainly a fun book to read!
What’s interesting about this book is, it gets everyone curious. No age limit whatsoever!. I did not get a chance to read the book when my son was reading. So I carried it with me on my commute.One of my colleagues quickly grabbed the book from me as she got super curious about the book’s title. The joy and excitement on her face when flipping through the pages was priceless. There was a loud laugh at the end when she knew what happened behind door 32. Aren’t you curious now? 🙂 You can get your copy from Amazon! Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

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