August 3, 2018

Free LEGO Magazine For Your LEGO Fan

LEGO® Life Magazine is a FREE magazine created towards kids between ages 5 and 9 that is mailed to your home five times a year. Every issue is packed full of LEGO news and behind-the-bricks interviews, comic adventures, games, and puzzles, building challenges and Cool Creations made by LEGO fans. Not to mention, sneak peeks at the latest sets and themes. All magazines are shipped to your door five times a year!

Parents and guardians can sign up children between the ages of 5 and 10. If your child is under the age of 5, there are lots of fun experiences better suited to our youngest builders at If your child is older than nine, he or she would more likely enjoy the cool, personalized experiences of the LEGO® Life app, which you can download here.

When you subscribe to LEGO Life magazine, parents will also receive a monthly LEGO Life email newsletter which highlights inspiring content for your child on the LEGO Life app. It also gives building tips and ideas to get the most out of your playtime together.

You can also submit your kids’ creations by sending in your signed consent form via an email. Consent form to make it easy for the kids to add creations and other cool stuff. You can download it here.

If your kids are not between the ages 5-10, you can download the magazine (This is July Issue. This link might vary for future issues.)

LEGO® Life App is free and can be download on Apple/ Andriod. It’s THE place for all your LEGO® builds. THE place to be inspired, informed & challenged. THE place to see LEGO stuff. LEGO Life is more than an app for your smart device; it’s THE place for a safe & friendly community of LEGO fans. Kids will have challenges, puzzles and sticker fun. Kids can enter competitions and can share their builds.


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