February 7, 2019

Unlimited Creative and Educational Play with Strictly Briks

My kids are surrounded by building blocks. They just love every bit of it. They keep exploring different construction toys and were occupied most of the time, you know till the itch for screen time comes up. Once I pick my son out of school, he heads straight to his room and starts building. He has a bunk bed, and all his bricks are on the top, so the little one does not touch them. Well, initially we were making sure she does not swallow the pieces. Now, we make sure she does not break the structures her brother builds.Ahh… Mom’s life of a 3-year-old! But lately she started exploring smaller LEGO pieces, and she creates such fun stuff like a room with chairs where she is watching TV or a room where we all are having dinner etc. I am super happy about this.

Unlimited Creative and Educational Play with Strictly Briks

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We received Strictly Briks recently and loved every set. So the LEGO maniac household just got even crazier! I loved the variety of sets and new ways the construction blocks could be put to use. I also loved the fact that Strictly Briks items are compatible with all major brands, including LEGO, DUPLO, Mega Bloks, and K’NEX brand sets and most importantly offer education based kits like AlphaBriks™, MathBriks™.

Unlimited Creative and Educational Play with Strictly Briks

My son Loved the Trap and Gap Baseplates the best. There was no end to his creativity. His gifts to us on any occasion are the ones he builds with LEGOS. He had built a coffee cup for dad and a pencil holder for his mommy. You can see how much he loves the building blocks. With the Trap and Gap Baseplates, he made a building with parking lots, lounges and more.

Unlimited Creative and Educational Play with Strictly Briks

For my little one, the silicone AlphaBriks™ was the best. She used the bigger base plate to place both her numbers and alphabets as well as the Duplo blocks. She later did get into a fight with her brother to grab what he was building, and there was a huge meltdown. Mama had to interfere to bring peace between the two.  I just put all the construction blocks on the take and let them explore. While they were doing their part, I quickly shot few photos, so I could show you what they were doing. Rest of the time I spent reading a book. Well, till the meltdown point I was uninterrupted.for approximately 30 mins:).  Play and exploration did continue for next 45 minutes, but I had to sit with little one showing the different ways to play with the Briks. Check the Pinterest board for more creative ideas and play.!

The only complaint I had was that the smaller Strictly briks sets had sharp edges when compared to LEGO. While this is not something to worry too much. But you would know when you are detaching the briks from other briks or from the base plate.

Later in the evening when things calmed down and when the little one slept my son and I  sat down with the MathBriks™ and it I must say the set was quite useful. We put together multiplications, divisions, etc.. It was interesting for him as they were building blocks!

Overall these are great sets to get for your kids or to send as a present! Unlimited play is guaranteed! Well, let’s say some breathing time!

You can find the Strictly Briks sets on Amazon

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