April 23, 2019

Ollies Wooden Blocks Review- Kids can create fun mobile and static models.

Ollies Wooden Blocks allow kids to build mobile and static structures. Ollies wooden blocks are unique building blocks made of oak. Blocks, planks, wheels and colorful plastic pegs make up the Ollies wooden block set. Ollies blocks brought the much-needed variation for the building block sets. Some blocks had the pegs inserted while others had the flexibility to accept pegs from other blocks.

Ollies Wooden Blocks Review- Kids can create fun mobile and static models.


If you have seen my earlier posts, you would know that we are totally obsessed with the building blocks. We are mainly attracted to toys that help in cognitive development. Building blocks not only provide great playtime but provide the young minds an opportunity to explore beyond available possibilities.

Kids can create anything they want without even being aware of the spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills they are developing.  Playing with Ollies wooden blocks looked like an endless fun. The interlocking blocks fit each other aptly, forming various angles and shapes. The plastic pegs can be used to create movable joints. It’s great to construct some models that are mobile and just not static.

Ollies Wooden Blocks Review- Kids can create fun mobile and static models.

Ollies wooden blocks are more fun for kids ages 5+. I have a two-year-old who did try to stack the blocks together placing one over the other like regular blocks. But my son who is a 7-year-old quickly build a robot as soon as we opened the blocks set. He did not even look at a manual or an instructions. It was straight fun out of the box.

Ollies Wooden Blocks Review- Kids can create fun mobile and static models.

Each day I saw a different creation. The essential part of Ollies wooden blocks are the pegs which provide kids to be more creative and build some amazing models.My son came up with a robot, a war tank, a dinosaur. Again each time he played with the blocks he came up with something different which was fun. Once any model was done, they would end up with the little one for testing. Well, testing meaning, playing for few seconds and then eventually taking them apart?! I guess so :))

You will be surprised to know that these blocks were being recreated. Sometimes it’s great fun to know the effort and passion that goes into the making!. So here is a short story about this successful Kickstarter program.

“Leaving behind his career in the tech world in order to spend more time with his daughter Olivia, founder Haran Yaffe wanted to help build a bright future for children by reintroducing the simplistic and hands-on approach to playtime to households everywhere. Yaffe first played with the blocks as a child, which were manufactured by his father’s small toy company. Now working together, Haran and his father Roni want to bring that family tradition of simple and playful learning to the latest generation of children.”

Isn’t it fun! A family like anyone of ours trying to help their kids and kids around the world!

Ollies are definitely one engaging set of wooden building blocks for my kids. The blocks were well finished. The flexibility and the variations they offered were amazing.  Kids can build static structures and also the structures that can be mobile!. There were some smaller plastic pegs so I would encourage parents to supervise if the little ones are around. Ollies are available on Amazon. Get yours Ollies wooden blocks today!

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Disclaimer! I was given this product for free to review and was not compensated in any way for this review. The Opinions are 100% mine and no way biased

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