June 16, 2019

Parts of the Plant : Mixing Up Science and Art!

Parts of the plant is yet another simple project which I did along with the kids as a part of our Mixing up science and art series. You can find two of such projects here Water Cycle Art Work: Mixing Science and Art! and Volcanic Eruption Art Work: Mixing Science and Art!. Projects such as these will not only make learning interesting and interactive, they also give a boost to a kids creative thinking process.

The best way to learn about plants is by actually looking at a plant!. I took the kids outside and asked them to pick up few plants and flowers(basically all weeds :)). First up we examined the roots of the plants. Some plants had “Mat Roots” and some plants had “Tap Roots”.

We then took a small plant and a flower and placed them together on a wax paper and added another wax paper on top of it and placed few books to flatten out the flower and the plant. It took 1 day for the plant to become dry and flat.

Next up we took a canvas, painted it with acrylic paints. Then we added the sun( craft wood), clouds(cotton ball), and soil. For soil, we spread the glue out on the canvas and sprinkled some sand. Once dry we painted with acrylic color.

The next step in the process was to add the plant and flowers. We later named each part and also what a plant requires on a rectangular shaped craft wood. Tada! My 2 year old loved it. My son was super happy to have finished yet another Art and science project. He just loved the outcome!


What fun since and art projects do you do? Do share with us!

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