July 12, 2019

Guidecraft IO Blocks Travel Set Toy Review

Have you heard of GuideCraft IO Blocks? Well, now you have. I have no doubt that these IO Blocks will be next big thing in toys for kids of all ages. I would say adults would equally love it. If you are looking for fun, entertaining and engaging toys( We all want kids to play by themselves for  20-30 mins while we try to quickly wrap up our chores).  I can assure you that you would not be disappointed with GuideCraft IO Blocks ! Why? check my detailed review below!

Product: Guidecraft IO Blocks® 59 Piece Travel Set
Age group:  4+ (Product details say 4+ but I would say a 2-year-old would love them! In fact My 15-month old  daughter loves them!)
What’s included: 12 uniquely shaped IO Blocks. 59 pieces in the Travel set , A Trackpad, and a super sturdy storage case to store all the blocks.
STEM based toy which helps in fine motor and problem-solving skills, and spatial concepts.
Gift Ideas: This would be a perfect birthday gift for both boys and girls of ages 3 and up.

When I had the opportunity to review the Guidecraft IO Blocks . I quickly grabbed on to the opportunity. I wanted to see how different these are from other building toys that my kids play. I also wanted to introduce a new toy so that they are better engaged . So the opportunity couldn’t be better. Here is my honest review on Guidecraft IO Blocks.


The Guidecraft IO Blocks® 59 Piece Travel Set came with super sturdy and super useful travel case. Toys coming with  a storable case are always my preference because you know and you can teach kids where the toys need to go  once they are done with their play time. The Travel set had 12 unique plastic pieces with a  matte finish and 59 total pieces in the Travel set and also a Trackpad. All the pieces had a smooth finish. The colors of the blocks were very vibrant.


I was surprised that there was no manual. So we started creating  the structures based on the images that were  on the box. We got along with our creations. We were figuring out which blocks to use based on the image on the box. 15 minutes into our build I was still thinking how come there was  no manual? how could they miss this very important piece? But wait!!!!  What is this Trackpad for? I turned the TrackPad over and I saw instructions to download an IO Build APP for smartphone and tablet. This APP provides 3D-Agumentation and acts as virtual build guide.That means it will give you 3D- Image on how to build your creation!! It was a real feast to my Engineering soul! Check the video below for the APP and you would love it!!


I had sent a feedback to GuideCraft to include a “What is included in the Travel set”   which will greatly help parents.


With the GuideCraft IO blocks, you could create people, animals, architecture, robots, vehicles and more. GuideCraft IO blocks were open-ended interlocking construction blocks. So the possibilities were endless. Kids just need to use their imagination. Any model is a creation. My Son had tons of fun and was totally occupied. An icing on the cake was my 15-month-old started playing with them the next day and I was able to get my chores done while she was playing with them.


Overall GuideCraft IO Blocks which is the  2016 Toy of The Year Finalist in Preschool category, winner of 2015 Tillywig Brain Child Award, 2015 Parents’ Choice Award, 2015 The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval would be a great toy to buy and gift!

Have you been using IO blocks? Do share your feedback!

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