September 30, 2019

CubbyCase Educational Box

Raise your hand if you are like me and always looking for something new and fun for your kids?! I am pretty sure most of the parents fall into this category. With so many educational toys and activities in the market, it is not a surprise that we get overwhelmed sometimes or rather most of the times?! One great thing about so many choices is you can pick the ones that meet your kids’ interests. But on the hind side, with so many options available we might overlook some great products.

I choose products for my kids with one imperative criterion; that is the products need to provide fun while playing and most importantly teach while at play. I have ordered a good number of educational subscription boxes for my kid, and I am happy with the content and the activities they provided. So when I recently came across  Cubbycase,and we loved it.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review


As I read further, I understood that  Cubbycase’s educational activity box is just not about kids having to do hands-on activities but was more about helping parents to be involved in kids education. The box had some of the best or award-winning products from already well-known companies or developers.  As I read couple more reviews to take a decision on whether or not to buy, I stumbled upon an interesting review, where it compared  CubbyCase Subscription to ” Birch Box” – a popular beauty subscription which delivers the best beauty products and CubbyCase is going to do the same with educational products. Every month a box would be put together with best educational products, books, and activities all in one box! These products otherwise would cost me more had I bought them individually.

With these above statements in mind,  I had no reason not to try but every reason to buy Cubbycase for my son. After we received the activity box and after our hands-on activities, discussions based on activity cards and most importantly research-based Cubby Tip, I was super glad I bought this for my son, and I am more than excited to recommend CubbyCase to all my friends and family.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

CubbyCase Subscription Box comes with easy to follow guides, activity cards, and educational products all handpicked by innovative learning experts from Harvard Graduate school of education. Products  included were,

  • K’NEX Helicopter
  • Chibitronics LED Science Project.
  • The Spirograph
  • InRoad PlayTape
  • Pieces of Another world

These were entirely different activities, with each focusing on a particular skill required for child’s development.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review
CubbyCase Educational Box Review

The easy to follow guides, the activity cards and the Cubby Tips for the parents make all these different pieces come together. Providing Research based topics like Growth mindset and the Fixed mindset and how you could foster a Growth Mindset. Coupled with tips for problem-solving, and letting parents and kids know that it’s ok to make mistakes and that it’s important to practice positivity the CubbyCase tips, guides, and activity cards are indeed a treasure trove of information. Every activity was worth spending time with the kids.  CubbyCase Educational Box Review

We all know that kids love to play pretend games. One day they are Superheros, one day they are doctors, and one day you would see them jumping up and down like monkeys!. Probably they had become Curious George on that day. CubbyCase’s activity cards capitalize on this fact and introduce each activity to the kids by saying that they indeed are one of them.  For example, an InRoaad PlayTape activity card tells your child that he or she is an Urban Planner.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

An activity card for Chibitronics LED Science Project shows your child that he or she is an Electrical Engineer. Introducing and  Defining each career in this way is a very smart approach to introducing kids to the world of possibilities and opportunities.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

CubbyCase has included a K’NEX helicopter in the box, and this was the first time my son was working on K’NEX. He was bit frustrated as he could not figure out how to connect( My son is super impatient if he cannot think or do something fast). But the activity card for the K’Nex helicopter encourages parents to deal with these kinds of situations by providing suggestions like asking parents to help kids sort the pieces of the helicopter by color before building it and to read some fun facts and to share helicopter-related vocabulary provided on the activity card.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

We made a simple circuit with the Chibitronics LED Science Project. Eureka moment was when the LED light lit. Our activity related to Chibitronics LED science project was more intriguing and entertaining to my son because it opened up a discussion between us that is , my career as an Electrical Engineer. What I did, what I had learned in school/College etc. It was fun discussing because how often do we discuss our careers and our roles and what we had learned or had been learning?!

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

Through this project, we discussed what materials are good conductors of electricity which materials are not and that we humans are excellent conductors of electricity and some other safety tips to be aware. During the process, we also added in some new vocabulary like the circuit, conductors, etc.  to our vocabulary bank.

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

Spirograph was another exciting addition to my son’s activities. He never had his hands on this activity. His reaction was “this is super cool! Just by choosing a different dots and going in circular motion we are generating patterns.! As always, I am jubilant that my daughter is always involved in the activities we do. She is just as curious as we are. Most of the times we go uninterrupted(she is getting used to these) minus the diaper breaks, feeding breaks and nap times. It just depends on what time the project is on!

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

Activity with InRoad play tape was a perfect addition to our ongoing “Maps and directions” related learnings.  Using tips provided in the activity cards we built a small community which lasted only for some time as my daughter came like a whirlwind and scooped up all the objects we collected for our community. We were totally glad to have managed to take a picture before the storm struck :)!!!

CubbyCase Educational Box Review

My daughter and son love to read. We credit ourselves for bringing up early readers. We had tried hard, and as I write(this post) we continue to make that effort to bond our kids with books. Wherever they go the books go with them!. Pieces of another world was an interesting read. The story was about a girl and her father heading out into the night trying to catch a glimpse of a night sky(Meteor Showers). As the story concludes, the book opens up a possibility that apart from this world that we know there might be some other world out there. Just like ours!

Overall we had a great time with CubbyCase. While kids enjoyed the activities, as a parent I loved the effort and attention put into every detailCubbyCase is more for parents than for kids” and  I have no doubt in my mind that through guides and tips of Cubbycase parents are going to hone their skills to help their children in educational activities better.

I totally recommend Cubbycase whether you are homeschooling or want to give your kids a break from regular school curriculum and put their mindset into something intriguing and entertaining.


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