October 16, 2019

4 Awesome Holiday Cookies to help you celebrate

Halloween is around the corner! These 4 Awesome Holiday Cookies will help you to celebrate in a spooky, funny, and yummy way! Houses are getting decorated. Costumes are being picked! Treats are being gathered! New delicious recipes are being tested. Everyone is waiting for little monsters to arrive at their doorsteps. We get to see these cute ghosts and monsters! Who thought monsters would be cute!

4 Awesome Holiday Cookies to help you celebrate

Pumpkins all over the house and ghosts stickers all over the front door.It’s such fun time of the year. My kids start getting ready for Halloween four to five months ahead in time! Yep, My son, is super crazy. We buy our costumes in the second week of October though. Reason being my son would have dawned so many avatars till the last week of October! He would be a Red Ninja one week, Iron Man the other week. Captain America one whole month or Lighting McQueen for full two weeks.  I don’t take any risks. Whichever his craze is around the time of Halloween I pick that costume so  he enjoys wearing . Till then I just let him pretend!

Adding yummy cookies and treats to the excitement will be the great way to celebrate this occasion. Here are our 4 Awesome Holiday Cookies to help you celebrate!

1) Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies Who can resist these yummy Oreos??! Since I am not so artsy when it comes to baking, I bought them. I was looking for Halloween theme based cookies and I had found these yummy treats on beau-coup.com. I had come to know about beau-coup.com during a friend’s baby shower where we got these cute  Mini Purse Shaped Manicure Sets as favors. So adorable! Ok, Let’s back to talking cookies! Kids just loved them! I just got hooked on to these!


2)  Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops! My little one loved these. Theme  based cookies will appeal more to the kids. They would just love to be in the moment and have fun.
4 Awesome Holiday Cookies to help you celebrate
3) Personalized Holiday Cookies  This is one of my favorites. I put these cookies in small pouches for kids to pick up and they loved it! They were super excited too!
4)  Custom Halloween Fortune Cookie Trick or Treat! With these spooktacular fortune cookies.  You can customize the colors of both the chocolate base and the decoration. A custom fortune is tucked inside each cookie and it’s too much fun!
These are our family 4 Awesome Holiday Cookies! What are your favorites?!

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