January 28, 2020

Fun Mechanics Brush Robot Kit

Time, away from screen time is a big mommy win for me. I want my kids to look around, to be present and enjoy what’s around them. I would rather have them do something useful, fun and learning at the same time than burying their heads in the television or tablet or phone. Well, this week we had an excellent time making a 4M mini brush robot. The brush robot scuttles along a brush. My kids got super psyched when they saw their project in action.

Fun Mechanics Brush Robot Kit

Simple projects like these teach kids basic concepts like current, battery, simple circuit, open circuit and closed circuit. So, before we could even put all the pieces together, I took the motor that came along with the kit and I started demonstrating about the motor and some fun things we could do with it.

Then I took a battery and connected the motor’s wires to the battery. Vola! The kids were thrilled to see the motor vibrating and turning without even completing the project. Kids need to know what’s inside and why they behave a certain way, whether its a battery car, or a computer.I followed up with a series of questions like what’s happening, what happens when we don’t connect etc. They got a basic understanding that something is flowing throw these wires and it’s called electricity! I did show them the below simple circuit example to give them some idea.


Image result for simple circuit

Courtesy Google Images.

So now coming back to the brush  robot, the kit includes,

  • One motor cover,
  • One base plate
  • One adhesive foam to keep the brush in place
  • bolts and nuts
  • Two moving eyes
  • batter case cover
  • One motor
  • One mini paint brush and one small brush.


It was super quick and easy to set up. Kids ages 8-9 might need some help from parents during the process. Kids ages 8+ would love this kit.The small paint brush is used for controlling the backward and forward motions. Thanks to Toysmith for providing the kit. We enjoyed every bit!

Fun Mechanics Brush Robot Kit

The Brush Robot will make an excellent gift/present for kids!


Disclosure: I received the kit for free. But all the opinions are 100%  my mine.


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