About Me

Thanks for Stopping! My Name is Madhu. Wondering what “Vimaneaa” could be?  It’s first two letters of our family members.


I was a Hardware Engineer for ten years, and after my second child was born in 2015, I decided to become a stay at home mom. Things weren’t pretty at the beginning. I had been working for ten years without a break. Once I transitioned I had to learn how to be a stay at home mom(I guess this will make a great article!).


I met my husband in 2003 during our Master’s Program and together through thick and thin we held on to each other and helped each other cross any hurdles. When we have an issue, we are a team trying to make things get back to normal.


In 2009 we welcomed our son to join the team. He changed our lives forever. He was and is one curious little man. Always trying to come up with something new. He is full of life.  Most of my posts you find here are inspired by his curiosity. We do a lot of projects together. We are always up to something.


In 2015 we welcomed our naughty little bundle of joy which keeps me laser focused. I love the way she changed my life as a person.

My kids thought me how not to multitask and to be at the moment. Digital gadgets are one of the biggest distractions. I am striving hard every day to make myself less accessible to these devices and improve the quality of our lives.I started to believe that I need to slow down and enjoy every bit of the present. Being Mindful.

As mentioned, I had to learn to be a stay at home mom. During the process, my only way to get connected is to start a blog and reach out to all the wonderful moms and parents with young kids while at home through my website. Blogging not only gave me an opportunity to put my thoughts and learnings out to universe but gave me a new way to be structured and disciplined. Blogging started to give me a sense of feeling that I am doing something.

I  love to share whatever I am teaching my kids. I like to be involved in their activities. I like to come up with new ideas to have fun with them. I honestly believe that it’s impossible to have 100% fun and joy all the time with kids. But we can always try!  On the website, you will find my honest reviews for great toys and educational products. I would recommend only the ones that I believe are useful for kids.  I am a mom, and I would want the best for any kid, not just my kids.  I am always looking for products which are fun to play and at the same time teach while at play! You will also find articles related to parenting, baby, and best deals now and then!

Welcome again and don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or request! Email: vimaneaa@gmail.com


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