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Diaper Bag That Looks Like a Handbag

Vimaneaa Story

I am Madhu designer of Vimaneaa Diaper Bag. This diaper bag is just not a product. It signifies my journey of being no one to becoming someone.  A few years back I had an idea for a diaper bag that popped up into my mind and I put that on to a paper. I am not a designer and I was not good with sewing either. All I wanted to do was to bring this design to a physical form. I did not have any connections or network. I did not know how to do it. Each time I struggled, all I did was to keep moving forward. I am more than proud of myself that I did it. I am not going to measure myself in terms of how much profit I made but rather how far I have come. Paper to Physical Product – that’s a damn good achievement – That’s what the inner me thinks!   I am in the middle of my long journey, but I have learned one valuable lesson that is – “keep moving forward “. Go through struggles, go through frustrations.You will eventually find answers, you will see results. 


Thanks for all the Amazing Support. I am certain that I cannot move forward without such tremendous support!!

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Functional, Stylish, and Simple

Patent Pending Unique Diaper Dispenser Functionality and dedicated trash bag storage for baby essentials and mom’s everyday essentials.

Provides all the required storage and leaves more space!

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Vimaneaa Diaper Bag      

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