April 29, 2016

APP to Setup Parental Control

How many times have you heard “Mommy can I play for 2 more minutes?” or “Daddy can I play for 5 more mins?” Please Pretty Please!!!And how many times have that went on to be 15 mins or even more and eventually into Tantrum!Sometimes a huge one.How many times have you given a heads-up?A countdown to how much screen time is left and your kid should be ready to switch it off?

Numerous isn’t it? Ah! I can see you nodding in agreement!

control room

Recently a friend of mine suggested “OurPact – Parental Control and Screen Time Management” APP and .I must say it was a blessing! So really wanted to share it!No more “5 minutes business”.You can set permissions like what days and how long you are willing to allow your kid to have the screen time on the device your kid is playing.

we decided to give him half an hour daily once he is back from school.Let’s say 4:00 to 4:30. APPs show up on the device your kids is playing at 4:00 and miraculously disappear at 4:30.Even if he is in the middle of something he is done at 4:30.If he needs to finish it he needs to come back tomorrow.

This saved me hours(Whole week minutes summed up :)) of stress asking him to switch it off  and with him coming back to ask for few more mins as he is in the middle of something and will switch it once he is done! Ah, those stories are endless!

Before you set the parental control,if your kid is older enough to understand you can just tell them they have access for a certain time only . But if your kid is in younger age group, make sure to come up with a story. We had to tell our kid that it’s the “APPLE People who are taking away the access”. Obviously, he was not at all happy but he accepted the story and we are one happy parents when it comes to screen time now.

This generation kids are in IPhone/IPAD era.We have to accept the fact that they have to grow up with these devices and amazing future technologies to come.We cannot keep them off for a long time. Screen time or handling the device for some time will only help them is what I believe in.

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