April 26, 2016

Children’s EBooks

Here are some Fun EBook Picks for this week.These Bedtime stories seem to be fun and filled with gorgeous  Illustrations.

My T-Rex Has A Toothache – Childrens Picture Book by Elwyn Tate. A fun read a-loud book , told with rhyming words and colorfully illustrated pages.


The Bee Who Loved Green Cheese This is a story about a bee who loves two things: his beehive and eating green cheese. But the bee discovers that other animals see his beehive as a tasty meal. So he’ll need to come up with different ways to save his home. Can the little bee be resourceful enough to save his beehive? Is what the story about!


Little Moon  a little moon makes a wish on a shooting star. When his mother, Big Moon, asks him what he wished for, he tells her that he wished to be like her—thankful and wise.


Important Note :You don’t need Kindle Device to read kindle E-books?!These kindle e-books can be read  not only on the kindle, but also on your computer with the kindle program, or the kindle app on many different mobile devices.EBooks are a great way to engage your kids when you are going on long journeys.Ebooks with great illustrations and simple stories would definitely keep your kids occupied!

Also, kindle book prices change very frequently, so make sure check the prices before you head to checkout.


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