Bluebee Pal a plush talking educational learning tool

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Once I came across this product I felt the need to share.There was this small story related to similar toy when I was in my 2nd grade. This is back in India. I am talking about early 90’s. One of childhood friends told me that she had this toy and it’s from the United States of America and that it would talk back whatever you say! I was just in awe when she told me about it. It was a small  teddy bear which was really cute. As mentioned it was back in early 90’s and technology was just picking up and a cute little Teddy Bear  speaking back to you was one amazing deal. It’s surprising  how a small toy could leave a lasting impression!So when I saw this product I just wanted to share and could be a really great way for kids to have fun! Bluebee pals is one that is worth pausing for.



How it Works

A Bluebee Pal is a plush talking educational learning tool that sings, reads and answers phone calls. The innovative technology includes lip synchronization that allows the animal’s “mouth” to move while you’re reading storybooks, engaging in learning apps or singing songs. Children can also entertain family and friends when using Bluebee Pals as a wireless speaker phone.

Bluebee Pal is designed for classroom engagement, homeschool and learning while traveling. It can also be a wonderful tool for engaging non-verbal special needs children.

Who it’s For

All Ages!

As one parent put it:

Our Bluebee Pal, better known to my preschoolers as Leo the Lion, is providing loads of educational fun, so much so that I doubt the kiddos realize they are learning as they are playing. – Teri W.


Have fun with story time AND cultivate a lifelong love of animals. You can choose a bear, lion, lamb, puppy and even a zebra. Choose your little one’s favorite animal, or one who frequents stories.

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