August 12, 2016

Highlights Let’s Grow Bundle Review


I truly believe in and very passionate about early learning. Our house is a mini library. In this mini library, you will find books with one to three words per page to hundreds of words per pages.  We introduced our son to books at a very early age(as soon as he rolled over!). He started reading at a very early age too!( When he was 2 years old). Bedtime stories and reading soon became our routine. I started following the same for my daughter and I must say I did kindle a joy for reading in her too.

We recently had an opportunity to review Highlights Let’s Grow by Highlights for Children. Each Highlights Let’s Grow Bundle includes a parent guide, two themed board books and related special surprise for babies and parents. Together they offer developmental activities and playtime fun for both parents and babies.

Product: Highlights Let’s Grow
What’s the Age group:   3 months and Up
What’s the Price: $24.95(Monthly Subscription) Plus Shipping and handling $3.95.  shipping and handling $3.95 for the first month.
What is Included: Every month you get a Parent Guide, Two Themed Books, baby Keepsake Item. First Bundle Comes with a FREE CANVAS  storage bin.

The Themed books offer specific skills such as bathing, eating etc. Some of the themes included are Let’s Take a Bath, Let’s Read, Let’s Explore. You will receive new series each month tailored towards babies ages 0-2. It’s a monthly subscription and the cost for each month is $24.95, plus $3.95 shipping and handling.


Highlights Let’s Grow team was kind enough to send this bundle to us for review. We received the ‘Bath Theme bundle”. This Bundle came with a Parent guide, Two board books, and a Toy!


Parent guide: Parent guide is an eight-page booklet with tips on how you can make bath time Terrific. Songs which you can sing during the bath time. We all know that the babies love routine. This parent guide did indeed provide some great tips.


Two Board Books:Little Frog’s Bubble Trouble” and “Boats Afloat” are the two board books with really colorful illustrations. The board books had a matte finish than the glossy finish which I mostly had seen.  Little Frog’s Bubble trouble is a colorful book and features the adventures of the amphibious little frog, as he discovers the joys of taking a bath. Boat Afloat talks about fun in the water. Like rowing, sailing, diving deep into the sea in a submarine. My daughter loved the Little Frog’s bubble bath because the bubbles fascinate her a lot! When reading Boat afloat we pointed at each object like sailboat submarine, a cruise ship. We sure had a lot of fun reading and learning together.

Special Toy; The Special toy we got was the Little Frog!! My daughter would grab that and keep it to her side each time we read the Little Frog’s Bubble Trouble!

Pointing to her Favorite toy, “Teddy” in the Picture!

We have been loyal Highlights customers and Let’s grow bundle did not disappoint us. The subscription was a bit pricey for us but tthe handpickedspecial toy and the themed board books really made the bundle worth for that price.

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